When You See My House…You See Me!

Standard Work Signage

Since I’m trying like heck to squeeze in time to start blogging regularly again AND since a Facebook post from a dear  friend had me trying to blog in a Facebook reply (For Shame!), dutifully logged into WordPress to reply in the proper arena…

(Yes, I had to log in for customer work – yes, I’m catching up on Notification list there – willing to have WP on my smarter-than-me phone, FB?  Not so willing…)

Top Things my Home tells you About Me:

“Bet her kids are happy! Look! they can just drop their stuff where it’s handy!”

“She has an over the door shoe holder, she only has 5 pairs of shoes – why are they scattered throughout the house? Oh…can’t wait to get barefoot quick enough, I guess….”

“Bet her dog is happy! Obviously she’s allowed to play ball in the house – look at the straight track from doggie door, through the kitchen into the living room with room to do a barrel racer turn and shoot like an arrow out the doggie door again! You can tell from the trail of mulch left behind – so obviously, Oakley is allowed to lay in garden beds, too…”

“Does she work all the time or is she just messy? – look at the wall above her desk – – Notes about ideas to promote – string connections for cross-promotion between local business and non-profits – Note to change all passwords tonight.  Look at the stack of client files around her desk and in her priority bin – How does anyone keep track of that many sticky notes and mini-legal pads? See the entire shelf of How-To’s for marketing, promoting, learning software, learning coding….”

Check out the bookshelves – arranged by topic:

Gardening, Plants, Herbs

Cookbooks, Food Preservation

Home improvement, woodwork, solar DIY, Embroidery, Crochet, Quilting, Soapmaking, Weaving, Mother Earth News magazines….

Healing, Nutrition, Herbs, Essential Oils, Meditation, Emotional, Neurological

Fun Factoids, Trivia, History

Widsom of the ages, Abraham Lincoln, Howard Zinn, Robert Fulghum, David R. Hawkins, Shakespeare, Best Loved Poems of the American People, Encyclopedia of Archaeology, 500 Nations…

For Fun – Jean M. Auel, John Grisham, Ellis Peters, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nora Roberts, Margaret Mitchell, Ayn Rand, Victoria Holt, Lavyrle Spencer….

“Bet her local water board is happy…look at the water-efficient washer, toilet and no dishwasher –  See the drip irrigation supplies on the front porch?  See the roof soffits that deliver water straight to her garden beds? –  see the water bill tacked on the corkboard?  Used less than 1/2 her allotted amount this month…”

“Hmm….electric company and propane company maybe not so much… check out all the energy saving lightbulbs, ye olde wall furnace that heats whole house – induction plate and crockpots – no microwave – energy efficient appliances…recent insulation activities…..”

“Look at all the food stores!  Dehydrated foods order on counter, waiting to be put away – Do-It-Yourself Prep and Store and a 1958 Farm Wife’s Bible on the utility wrack on the far kitchen wall.  Why only 6 of each of: glasses, plates, saucers, bowls?  What’s up with that?  And what’s in the 5 gallon food storage buckets by the wall?”

“Hmm, bathroom strange – not even one electrical outlet?  That explains why her hair is always in a braid or clip – Oh! maybe that’s why the blow dryer was laying on the cabinet in the kitchen next to the washer – only 4 towels, 4 hand towels, 8 washcloths?  Nice quality, but why so few?  guess she washes often…”

“Look at the closet!  Totes of craft supplies, material to make the ultimate window energy shades  and… where’s all her clothes?  This can’t be it!  Can it?….”

What Friends will Tell You About My House:

She may not have vacuumed, dusted or scrubbed her kitchen floor lately, but if you stop by after a horrific day at work, she always has a glass of red wine, a lavender oil infused cloth for your head OR she’ll lightly massage lavender oil on your temples and listen while you work through how to deal with the world you just escaped from the moment you stepped through her door… or she may just crank the tunes and get you to sing and dance off the stress…

She may be a hermit and cancel traveling to your house at the last minute, cuz some work emergency came up, or she got sick, but she’s always happy if you stop by, as long as you give her at least 5 minutes to make sure she doesn’t answer the door in her bunny slippers – –

You might occasionally share your visit with a passel of teens and you’ll get to hear how teens look at the world, cuz she wants to know their viewpoint on the whole thing –

You might have to old that thought when her phone rings and she recognizes a customer’s call – sure, it’s 9:30 at night or 4pm on a Saturday, but she can’t let it go to voice mail… (she’s learned her limits, so instead of going against her nature, she’s just getting better at who to pick for customers! :)

You may have to listen to her latest research project, but bet your boots, she’ll manage to also tell you how such-and-such affects your life and why it’s in your self interest to care about it –

In return, she’ll listen to your tale of woe, ask if she needs to go kick some arse or give you ideas about how to accomplish your dream.

She’ll make sure you go home with some bounty, if you accept – tomatoes from the garden, some fresh basil, a recipe for deep bone broth, a jar of snowy white, lovingly crafted lard, some dried apple rings, a few pounds of pasture-fed beef, so you can experience the difference and start buying yours straight from the rancher she does, too….

She always has extra stuff if you’re snowed in and need to find a place to crash – food, jammies, blankets, pillows, books, favorite movies or interesting documentaries –

What Those Who Are Not Friends Will Tell You

She is a miser – she claims she doesn’t keep a lot of dishes, washcloths, linens or cloths on hand, because it forces her to do housework before the ‘pile of dirty’ is too high – but we think she’s just wasting her money on other things.

She is lazy – she has all these supplies but look at her yard?  Sure, once in awhile, she gets an area done, but overall, still a train wreck….

She claims to work all the time – her desk is such a mess, we think she’s just disorganized….

If she really cared about people, she’d make sure her house was clean so they could just drop in whenever they felt like it… and why is not traumatizing her rescue dog more important than I am?

Yes, her son is nice and polite, but I tell you, he will go bad – look, she lets him play video games, he has a pellet gun, his room is a cluttered mess – sure, he jumps in and does whatever she asks, he laughs and jokes and tells her about his day, but mark the words I’ve been saying for years now, he’ll turn out bad….someday….it will happen….Just wait – I’ve been telling her for years how bad of a parent she is…


Welcome to My Home!

If you have a sense of efficiency, like the idea of putting in fail safes for less-than-optimized tendencies, are interested in an oasis where you can be yourself as long I can be me, where children and animals are protected, allowed to be themselves, all while knowing there are just a few rules that must always be followed and guaranteed someone else has their back against the world – well, then,

C’mon on in, settle down and tell me about your day, dream, passion – I’m all ears…

Heroes, Great and Small


From long ago – still holds true and still love Mr. Zimbardo’s Work.

Originally posted on The Good, Bad and Ludicrous:

My recent vow to again ignore the news (gets my blood pressure up) found me in search of other media this morning, during my 2-hour ‘waking up’ tea drinking period.   Oh, yes, I’ve decided to go coffee-free again for awhile – see how my body likes it.

I head on over to Philip Zimbardo‘s website to wake up while reading how to develop our hero abilities.

Unfortunately, I decided to click on a video link that contained graphic pictures of the atrocities committed at Abu Ghraib prison.

Hmmm…. not exactly what I had in mind for ‘gentle waking’.

But, I was intrigued by how he ‘broke down’ and presented his version of the mechanics in play that not only allow, but aide and motivate, good people to do evil things.


First, what is Evil?   Mr. Zimbardo defines it as follows:

  • The Exercise of Power to

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Yes… I think Scarlett O’Hara was awesome

There are reasons why Scarlett O’Hara’s character is still a heroine and role-model for me.

For a myriad of reasons,  as I grow older, gain experience, etc., the list of ‘why fores’ just grows –

Here ya go!

Top 10+ Reasons…

…Why I re-read Gone with The Wind at least once a year and why, in face of all the ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’ and outdated norms, etc., from that era of our history as a nation, I still am loyal to and hold on dear to Scarlett –

(Yes, with my heading of “Top 10+ Reasons…” I just broke about a gazillion online marketing, SEO, trending, grammatical, how-to-be-popular rules in online, writing and English teacher worlds – I like think Scarlett is be proud of me…)

  1. She was raised/educated/instructed her entire childhood, on how to properly take her place in the reality of her local community and culture- a reality that would soon be toppled and become obsolete given the sweeping changes globally & nationally, in regards to human rights, economics, political systems, etc., etc. ( I could go on, but I won’t….)
  2. She managed, against steep peer-pressure odds, to question the beliefs so ingrained into her from her earliest memories.  She chose to ask, “Does that apply, now?   Is it beneficial now?  Does it work, now?”
  3. The Personal Traits that got her into the most trouble growing up, were the very things that saved her bacon (and others) when the sh*t hit the fan – She met any timid, overly-cautious, “oh-my-what-will-the-neighbors-say” admonitions with a resounding, “God’s Nightgown!  Don’t You See…” (Note – I never latched onto God’s Nightgown, though I do use it occasionally – I like to call my ‘heavy conversations’ a CTJ meeting – and maybe, someday, I’ll tell you what that stands for…)
  4. She was very honest – not just with her own judgments of what she observed in others around her, but also with herself, even when she didn’t like what she saw.
  5. She didn’t suffer fools lightly, if at all – but was even more put out when she realized she, herself, had been a fool…and then vowed to not make that mistake again….
  6. If she couldn’t find a solution, right away, she put it aside, ‘I’ll think about that tomorrow –  if I think about it now, I’ll just drive myself crazy.”  She perfected the art of focusing on what she could do something about and letting the rest slide, until either she had to do something, or the answer came to her – – Might I add that Einstein and Edison, to name two, were masters at this same approach….?
  7. She had strong loyalty, even to those she secretly had thoughts about, “Why the heck am I taking them on too? I don’t even know what to do for myself….Why should I be responsible for them, as well?”  But she did what she felt was her responsibility – and didn’t wait for any one else to appreciate or reward the effort, even when she smarted under criticism, from the very people she had fed, housed, clothed….
  8. She was a realist and when she messed up – she realized it – sometimes soon – sometimes later.   And felt remorse.  (She taught me the difference between remorse and regret)
  9. She was willing to listen to others who said things that made her blood boil, or she thought were too good to be true, “Well, in your circumstances, what else would you have done?  You’re not sorry you got did what you did, you’re just sorry you got caught.”  or “Darling, you are so smart, and making a success of your business, other people are just jealous.”   Even when she lived for the day to tell Rhett to go to Halifax and to throw in Melanie’s face how very disillusioned, childish and weak she thought Melanie was – she choked it back, best as she could – gave credit where credit was due – and listened, because an inner honesty always reminded her… she was guilty of less-than-sterling-intents or  disillusioned world view, as well…
  10. She kept her promises, even when she was sorry she had ever made them.
  11. She never gave up, even when she was so weary, hungry and couldn’t see any realistic ideas or hope on the horizon.

But You Should Also Know:

  1. My grandfather, a Kentucky tobacco farmer, stayed up at night to finish only one book other than the reading the Bible – it was Gone with the Wind – good enough for him, good enough for me.
  2. My history buff dad said Margaret Mitchell did a very good job of portraying the Southern Confederacy and Southern civilian perspective of the Civil War without inaccurately portraying the history of  battles – again, good enough for me.
  3. My mom, given her Southern Ohio status and accent was dubbed a “Yankee” at one time in her history – but don’t let the voice/accent fool ya – she epitomizes the grace and steel of a Southern Lady.
  4. My dad, also the philosopher, pointed out there are all kinds of people in the world, and I think Gone With the Wind characters did a good job of representing each of them:
    1. Those who see the changes coming and adjust.
    2. Those who see the changes coming, do their duty, even when they realize they may be on the wrong side and when it’s over, there may not be a place for them anymore in the new reality.
    3. Those who understand changes are coming, but hold on tight to the belief that at root, mankind is good and it will all turn out okay and love never changes.
    4. Those who hold the line for firm values & set standards high, but know how to adjust expectations, with some grumbling, with some compromise, but without surrendering that which they hold dear,  when they realize closely defended boundary lines are in need of re-mapping.
    5. Those who insist doing things the old, proper way and steadfastly ignore how things are changing until they are either run-over by the changes or can no longer find anyone else to buy into their version of reality.
    6. Those who just sit by and wait – for the good ole days to be restored – for someone else to take care of it all…and them…. etc.

GWTW Fans – Let’s Have Some Fun….

I was originally going to add the characters I think personified the very generalized humankind stereotypes above – but why should I have all the fun or deprive anyone of sharing their perspective/favorites?

Leave a comment – take your stab at sub-items 1-6 on people types – add in what other personality types you believe to be missing from my top 6 list and why I’m a dweeb for missing THAT nugget of wisdom…  Feel free to add in which character(s) personifies it  – etc.

(Yes, I could have made a handy dandy poll or survey, but ya know what?  The online world is flooded with shallow, easy to generalize type things for a 2.5 second attention span world – I’m interested in the good stuff and good stuff always has just a few more layers than can be worked through in a nan0-second of clicking – I don’t care what the survey experts say – stats never give me the whole story I want to hear and learn…..) :P

It’s just for fun, but recently ran across another blogger who I love their work AND turns out they are a GWTW fan too!  So, instead of putting a blog post in my own comments section as a reply – here is the full (Monty) Scarlett/GWTW – – Thanks Fiona for commenting & connecting!  :)

And if you want to know the reasons  I am so happy to make a connection with Fiona, check out her blog full of so many topics dear to my heart – nope, ain’t gonna spend the time to type out what all her blog covers or what subjects we chatted about in both her and my comment sections – suffice it to say, if you like my posts on food, community, the ripple effects of daily choices, you’ll want to add her to your follow list to!


But, Why?


For reasons confounding explanation, I’m intrigued that what I ranted about over 2 years ago is still true, to my mind –

Feel free to read and insert an evil laugh of world perspective domination at the end, if you wish- but not TOO evil – after all – we’re all in it together and ain’t one of us getting out of it alive…. :)

Originally posted on The Good, Bad and Ludicrous:

Here’s the answer to “Why on earth did you buy a pack of cigarettes when you quit smoking years ago?”

I was mad.   And worked up and frustrated and any number of other uncomplimentary, non-peaceful things.

Instead of trying to find a temple to throw the money changers out of, or a grand palace to destroy by pushing over the great hall support columns, or even grabbing a weapon and a clip full of bullets, I smoked, by myself, and inhaled deeply so as not to let too much smoke escape into the atmosphere, thus endangering my fellow man.

See?  I can think of others, even when in a toot –

Here’s the source of my anger:


There is a phenomena in our financial systems that has long eluded me and if you don’t live paycheck to paycheck, or if you have some savings and credit cards, you will…

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In Interest of Science – –

Not sure what is going on, but posted the following at Facebook…

Yes, I got drug kicking and screaming back to facebook over a year ago to support my customers – -get over it and it might just be easier for you if you know how often I leave long arse replies/etc., at Facebook – – LOL

I will, as nearly simultaneously as possible, post here and at WordPress at the same time, the same Post (cept, it will read “at Facebook and here” on the WordPress blog – -the following post –

“hmmm – one browser window – two social connections open at one time – nothing updating right or notifying me of changes, comments, etc….- – my old Windows 7 platform I’m loath to let go of, OR simply a coincidence caused by Friday night updates for others and not to worry? Enquiring minds would like to easily know – – LOL

You are free to say so, cuz yes, I know why I do what I do for a living – but wish so much I didn’t have to deal with computers or online to get it accomplished -really – – LOL

And Lazarus Rises… Yet again….

I’ve spent quite a bit of the summer and this fall in brand new endeavors – learning new skills, putting learned skills to use and a lot of research into whether my proudly held standards, both personal and professional, are truly on the right track, or if I’m just becoming an old, smarmy, curmudgeon.

Murphy’s Law and Universal Karma also made several appearances this summer, but so far keepin’ my head above water and my chin out of the gravel – :)

Lessons and News from since I visited with you last…

1. A vehicle is only totaled if it’s covered by insurance and they don’t want to mess with fixing it….


Ye Olde Ford Explorer has been outfitted with 2 salvaged doors, the rocker panel popped out enough to create only a slight little windy gap as we cruise down the road and all repairs were done by the great guys at Blosser’s Collision Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who got me back on the road with my own 4wd that has had quite a bit of mechanical work done on it the past 3 years, but just needed some body work after the accident to get be road worthy, but by ‘insurance repair’ standards, would have been totaled because of age/blue book value/cost of repairs.

Chuck, 3rd generation owner of Blosser’s, handled it all – got me back on the road on my limited budget and for less than I could have purchased another 4wd.  And though he was my primary contact, don’t think, shop crew, I forget you – just didn’t meet you in order to laud you by name!

Connecting with Chuck bolstered my belief that sometimes, the Universe just looks out for you, whether you’ve been Positive Thinking or Not – he answered the phone on the first call I made to try to find a knowledgeable person willing to drive over and examine the Ford to determine if the frame was bent/or if damage beyond ability to fix or not.

He asked for pictures, asked me the mileage – called back an hour later and said, “To fix it right will cost more than it’s worth, but I located two white doors to replace yours, I can pop out the rocker panel and we can get you back on the road – won’t be perfect, but no one will notice as you’re driving down the highway.”   :)

I nearly wept with relief – for the first time in nearly a month of dealing with the post-accident mop-up – a live person answered the phone, I did get a call back same day and they simply took over and handled the situation –

Thanks Chuck!  You may never fully know how much stress you alleviated from my life, just by being you and doing what you love.

2. Double Check your Insurance and, in Pure Self-Defense and skewed Logic in an Insurance ruled world, make sure you have coverage to cover law-breakers.

In Colorado, if one wishes to be fully covered against the uninsured, one must specifically purchase not just the Uninsured Motorist (PI) policy, but the separate Uninsured Motorist Property Damage policy as well.

Yes, surest way to know I’m hepped up is if I start tossing ‘one’ around….

When I got my own policy after the divorce, I sought coverage for a recently purchased, salvaged, 1998 Ford F-250, slapped liability and uninsured motorist policy on it and called it “Good Enough”, since a salvage vehicle can’t be covered under Comp & Collision – )

I didn’t realize the Uninsured Motorist policy I paid for was for Injury only, not Property Damage – I’m certain it was located in size 4pt font on page 6, subsection 4, but I somehow missed it…..

Given my new found knowledge, and for approximately $3 more per month, I added the Thwart Murphy coverage – – You know – -Murphy, the guy that makes sure nothing happens now, since I’m actually covered for the eventuality –

2. “We Need to Get Right On This…” Doesn’t always mean what I think it means….


Surgery to repair the man-child’s ripped shoulder finally approved, scheduled & performed by mid-August and he is doing well and 3 weeks into regaining his use/strength of the arm.

Still not allowed to help mom with landscaping projects – but he is back to taking out the trash (using his left arm) and I’m feeling less overwhelmed – cuz ya know,  taking out the trash is such chunk out of the day – :)

Yet more fun & excitement winding through the maze of insurance approvals, payments, billing, etc.  I tell ya, the fun just never ends! :)

3. Learning new tools and SaaS software….

In order to provide affordable &  flexible options to my tiny rural customers, who simply cannot afford a custom built $14,000-$25,000 site, I’ve been playing around with some other options to meet multiple needs on a budget, and first site built utilizing every new tool I started researching/watching last year and finally chose to implment, went live yesterday.


Yes, I’m not a graphic artist and yes, I still have antiquated ideas about website layout/navigation and yes, I have thumbed my nose at recent trends in online world – yes, I focus more on what daily maintaining activities are going to look like for the customer, does the site meet accessibility parameters with it’s colors/font size – did I remember to put in the alt tags?  Will those using screen readers curse me and my entire family tree?  Are our legal notices easily accessible?

Which means something has to go in the time/budget area I work in, and since I’m not an artiste, guess what get’s cut?   Yup – snazzy graphics –

The fact that total statistics for all my customers still show less than 6% of visitors utilizing anything other than a desktop or laptop sized viewing box – I stick with my old ways – responsive, yes, and you wouldn’t believe how many sites out there still are not – :) – massive big picture and never ending front page scrolling?   Not so much – I’m busy learning how to make my shopping cart of choice jump through hoops for my unique customers – :)

However, the infrastructure is in place now, and daily operations will be streamlined for the owner and their old solution which was, in their own words, ‘horrible’ will soon be a thing of the past –

I’m excited because I get to be a guest blogger for them on the topics of Supporting Local Independent Business benefits, community resilience, etc.   :)

4. Sometimes, You are Vindicated in Your Stubbornness….

Yes, I still build websites like it’s 1999 –

Did I mention I hate scrolling, scrolling, scrolling at a site – or having to click past a splash screen or find the 3pt font “No thanks” or “skip intro” link?

I hate having to close a pop-up begging me to sign up for newsletter when the only frickin’ reason I’m on that page is because I clicked a link from the promotional email they sent me, the already-subscribed-person!

On my notes board over my work area, I still have the note scrawled in large purple letters during a frenzy of research last winter –

“Don’t bug people who already subscribed/purchased”

..As a reminder to set-up newsletter groups, promotional emails and website widgets for subscribing to newsletter properly.  And explain the importance of groups/lists, keeping stuff updated, etc. to customers playing with their newly set up tools.

I wouldn’t be so hard-arse about this, but often this past year, (I’ve actually lost track of how many times) –  I’ve clicked the link from a promotional email, only to be greeted by a page of content blocked by the widget that jumped out and begged me to subscribe –

I’ve also purchased e-courses, only to get reminder emails in the following days that I only have so many more hours to save big before the special price is over – um, excuse me, I already bought it – please move me out of the list you’re sending reminders to, please……

I probably wouldn’t be so worked up about it all, if it hadn’t happened so many times, and it confounds me how many times it occurred from those who earn their living from providing guidance or services for online marketing tools and how-to’s – :)

You would think those people would be a little more in touch, eh?

Are my sites perfect? Don’t make me laugh – of course not – but since I’m such a picky-picky internet browser, I do try to make them customer friendly – at least for customers like me –

But, still, you forget how far you’ve come – – had a typo in a DNS setting that meant the www. address wasn’t going where it should – and customer asked – and I fixed, but because I  quit typing www the minute I learned I didn’t have to, (wasn’t that like 15 years ago or something?) I simply forgot to even check that – Duh!

It was shocking to be reminded of how many still type the www – – www – www –  yup just timed it – waste of a nano – second of my life everytime I type www….  Think of the years lost and we could have cured the common cold utilizing that time…

5. I have a new roofline & roof!

A 2-year dream has finally manifested – in a totally unexpected way.  Isn’t that how it usually works?


Picture of roof line & my, not sure if I want to paint, enclose in stone or what, tire fence/planting area.


My previous repair job in July stripped away – rather sad that it became so obsolete, so fast – would have been nice to see how long my amateur attempts held up – but not enought of an experiment to justify not replacing the roof.

Yes, I am letting my amaranth seed the bed for another season – didn’t plant any this spring, and look at all those gold and burgundy sheaths! Even after I thinned the bed 4 times this spring – Ahhh.. perennial beds are a joy –

Jerusalem Artichoke bed in background hasn’t been cleared, dug, prepped for next year, yet, either – –

I should have enough artichokes this year to harvest, but I might just dig up all of it, separate, replace and plant a few more perennial beds of the same-

They are so suited for this area and pretty, prolific, and drought hardy –

They provide shade, beauty, attract beneficial insects, and are not-needy prima donna’s- I’m tempted to not harvest for food, except for my diabetic neighbors who so love potato soup – did you know?  Recently harvested Jerusalem Artichokes slow cooked with leeks can provide flavorful potato-type soups, without sending diabetics to the hospital.

Harvest Or  build more perennial beds?  Pretty sure I’ll build – Someday, a future Mad Max will appreciate my planning of the home place – slowly installing a wealth of perennial food – the welsh onion and lettuce beds are coming along nicely, too, and think next year, I can start foraging pretty regularly in my own back yard. :)

Oops!  Back To Roofing Story…..


East addition, circa 1950s was so un-supported and poorly done, extra wood purchased to reinforce, spread load, do right – Thanks Guys!


New roof, sofitts sized properly to continue to place rain water on my precisely placed garden beds near the house, pitch uniform – My, ain’t that pretty? And, with new insulation, energy efficient roofing and hanging up of my easy add/remove solar blocking window hangings, maybe won’t need ye olde air conditioner next year….


Yes, wanted you to see the diff between old and new roof lines – too tired to photoshop, so you get some free dumpster advertising, too…. :)


Now, seriously, ain’t that a better looking roof line than before?


Picture of my spankin’ new, energy efficient, 40 year warranty, bone white, metal roofing – :) Now if there were only some solar panels installed – –

7. Took several courses to improve my skills this past year

On copywriting, educational newsletters, series on compiling a successful Support Local campaign, more research into community currency systems, webinars to learn the nuances of the tools I added to my web workshop – And though I’m still in the ‘arghhhh, where do I change this setting, again??” stage, it is getting easier – –

I have survived, without too much heartache, a total of 9 updates spread out over all the new tools and didn’t get sent straight back to the drawing board after each update, which re-affirms my belief the 9 months of research, vetting & trial offers or money spent for short term trials, was all worth it to get to where I’m at.

Tried and discarded 4 different hosting solutions, 6 shopping cart solutions and 2 themes before finding what I felt was a long term value investment.

Will soon be familiar enough with and have my templates/blueprints, etc., set up for my new hosting, WordPress framework/child theme etc., set up where I will be back to being able to set-up quickly and easily a new tiny biz or organizational site in less time than I spent writing this blog…

Seven seems like a good place to stop – and the word count tells me three may have been the preferred stopping point for you – :)

One more site to finish/launch, a mini-vacation to get my garden beds ready for winter sleep and next spring, then, then back to glorious writing and launching my own website!   :)

Until then, miss you all so much, hope this finds you well and will be ‘home’ from my long adventure, here soon – we’ll have cocoa by the fire and I’ll get caught up on your adventures and we’ll trade quips and insights and laugh and cry – – sigh – – I can’t wait to get back home….

Yes – I probably died and went Missing – Again….

On July 16th, I, recovered from sore muscles from doing a roofing repair job and catching up of garden weeding projects (Leaks, Creeks and Lost Paddles) got in 5 hours of work, took a break to travel and do those pesky errands that must be done if you are prepared to feed household inhabitants, take care of daily life needs, be a parent, etc. – –

After successful navigation of ‘must-have’ errands, in less than 1.75 hours, might I add – LOL

There I sat at a stop-light:

  • Content with my extreme efficiency
  • Feeling good about my productivity and myself, for researching options for me/my customers for over 1/2 a year now…and efforts to do pre-work to ensure smooth transition –
  • And Feeling confident on finally, FINALLY, choosing a route to move forth, based upon real data, and not gut/guessing/fallacy –  etc, etc., etc…..

Content with Life and Myself, I stared idly, while sitting  at red light –

Awaiting my turn to journey my way back home and back to work –

Spent “waiting time” visiting with the teeny-bopper of my household….cuz we use ‘drive time’ to just chat – about life, thoughts, dreams, etc…

It does work really good – he knows, I won’t take work calls while driving and I know, I can say, a”quit with your smart phone and let’s just spend time chatting – ”

He had chosen to accompany me on my mission of ‘takin’ care of business’ errands that morning – even though he didn’t have too, and had been given free pass to …well… pass up the opportunity to grocery/school supply shop – – LOL….


Can’t help myself – for your dancing/singing/understanding my mind-frame, at the time, viewing-listening pleasure:



Not To Be –

Not that day, that hour, that moment –

Universal Interruption of Desired Plans  – – – Occurred!

Doesn’t Murphy’s Law,  really bite… Sometimes?


Managed to be be in perfect time/space continuum to be hit by uninsured, red-light-running-driver – who was not even on the same roadway I was –

Ours was the 3rd vehicle in string of events –

Who expects/plans for this stuff other than those who know better, already?

Just like parents, who have read my own ages-old posts, about me losing a son, who haven’t,  yet lost a child themselves…

…who wonder at my moxie at sharing my take on the experience as too negative, etc.

I, myself, have learned to know better, now, traffic accidents –

To understand the posts I read, that say,

“Oh My Gosh!  It happened So Fast!  Just stared in fascination, and only realized later, my mind said, to me…

“Um…this could be intense/bad/can’t avoid….Brace yourself, for impact…..”

2.5735967 nano seconds for it to happen and the above thoughts to travel/be recognized by my brain –

Have read tales of a form of the above,  for what seems like a lifetime…

But NOW, have up-close, personal experience of the actual impact of such an unexpected event –

Not that I didn’t believe you when you told me –

Just didn’t grasp the full enormity of it all

I try to understand – but realize my ‘level of understanding’ of flippin’ anything, is only relative in size to my own, human, personal experience/understanding of ‘IT’….

All…..- – :)

I can attempt to be as understanding, empathic, compassionate, etc., as I want, but until I can truly put myself another’s shoes, as it were, IT ALL, well…

Doesn’t mean a thing – :)


Spent the last week or two to organize my thoughts  – and to:

  • Separate my own experiences/facts as I saw them, from stories told by others at the scene – –
  • Cause, ya know, eye-witness stories for humans are notoriously wrong, as they are colored by bias, past experience/prejudices, etc…. and we have survived as a species over the ages by our singular talent of lying to ourselves, and convincing ourselves we are telling the truth all the while we are making up stories – –
    • How do you think Politicians have survived this long?   LOL
  • Spent a lot of time reading fine print and filling out statements, forms, paperwork, which assured me I will burn in Hell and can be counter-sued for a Gazillion Astrobucks, if I somehow manage to say one tiny word that doesn’t match with what everyone else involved reports OR thinks is the definition of a said word –
    • (Seriously, I’m wondering again how many definitions of ‘accident”, ‘”red-light’, “insured’,  “sex” “intercourse:  there are – – not that the last two words had anything to do with the my latest fiasco, but still – can you seriously buy ‘legal definitions as cheaply/easily as buying a Vowel on a game show?!?)
  • Notify clients of slippage in our mutually planned Project Time Line – cuz no team to step in and cover my slacking – – :)


Happily – No long-term, serious, personal, medical injuries sustained by me or my own –

  • Some lost hours, days, week of work – cuz  I fell behind on projects – –
  • Vehicle in need of repair, though not really ‘totaled” just in need of weather tight driver’s side doors, without being ‘perfectly pretty’ in paint job for resale value –

(LOL – Did I mention mu same. involved SUV, was hit by grapefruit sized hail on 06/04/15 on front hood (which was not even touched by accident damage to my knowledge?)  and a 1998  model?  Is this ‘perspective of “totaled’ vs. “driveable/doable for less $ than to replace/repair” an overpriced/ridiculous way to look at things?!?   :)  

Cuz if I had asked for it to be fixed “picture perfect” would have opened up a whole ‘nother of loopholes/definitions of what’s acceptable/not – – :)

If my vehicle was actually a living , gifted, extraordinary thing

Say, named, Secretariat or Aldaniti or another Once-in-Generation-RaceHorse-with-Caring-Owners- – –

Maybe, then, I  could understand ROI of insurance payments vs. payouts – :)- –

But this?  NOT!


Still – Grateful and here’s My Story after having time to work through reality and form my ‘own story’ – :)

  • Have “Been ‘tagged It’, through a window, by a Dodge 1500 Ram truck and lived to tell the tale without broken bones… Who knew that was possible?
  • I Have the best clients in the world, who let me take a Friday/Weekend off – – with no arse-chewings – and who have been very understanding as I play catch up!
  • Still Struggling with getting back into the swing of things after taking ‘medicines’ prescribed by ER for first 2 days after – that  eased all pain, but really jacked-up my “I give a Damn about any of this stuff” gene – for nearly 4 days -getting back to disciplined work-day, but admit to the first week after, to just trying to keep my head above water –
  • All, in all, my, “Give a Damn, was busted” for a few days while I navigated the aftermath –  Retreated from Life, big time – even though I’ve suffered worse and thought I wouldn’t ever “Retreat” again – in self-defense to nurse my wounds –  physical, emotional and spiritual – – :)
  • Still okay with Philosophy of, “Sometimes, all you can do is lay on the field of battle, waiting for ‘medics’ to come carry you to safe harbor – – :)
  • AND, if no medics, show up, well, then, that bites – –  but ya at least know where it all stands, and you are galvanized into action by the realization you have to do ‘it’ whether, it’s fair, right or just or not….

I am, at heart, an Idealist – why am I doing all this stuff, while the person who violated so many laws, etc,  doesn’t do anything/answer his phone, etc?

Got my own ideas on that whole subject, both compassionate AND hard-arsed, but a whole ‘nother post on the state of America, banks, insurance companies and the laws passed by elected officials, etc., would be needed to explain it to you fully, my thoughts on the matter… –  LOL…..

To lighten up my possible/perceived, negativity in relaying the story honestly, – feel free to dance/sing with me, to the following,  while we both let it all go…

Life happening Here Fast/Furious and just trying to Maintain –

Not as bad as others – worse than some – my Life Events, so very light,  given those experienced by others I know/love  –

Never believe I think my little hiccups in Life can compare with yours – I have a lot of followers from around the world – who endure/survive so very much worse than what I do -I get that.. truly….

I’m not griping — just trying to keep in touch with the community I have here, flung far and wide – :)

But still working to assimilate what all I’m learning, recently  ….

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend/Sunday – see/chat with you soon!  :)

P.S. – After 2 weeks, realize the pics aren’t even close to ‘wow! big time event! – need some time to properly categorize”

But – in initial impact – small glass cuts everywhere, fears over battery acid, burning on left shoulder, etc., (which was from injuries/radiator fluid spewing, battery/radiator so very near to my face – still working through my dealing with it – thanks for listening as I work through it all –

You know, I depend upon you for that – when I’m whining/not seeing everything just as I should – – :)

And for your efforts/kindness in sharing your world perspective/take on things, without punishing me when I get busy and drop the ball –

You are appreciated!

I’ve been very lucky – and know it  – and will know it even more in the coming weeks as I overcome my own instinctual coping/survival mechanisms that have been at play, on auto-pilot, these past 2 weeks – :)


98Exporer_DriverDoorAndMirror 98Explorer_PassengerDoor 98Explorer_DriverDoor 98Explorer_CloseUpDriverDoor 98_ExplorerInterior