Pepe Le Pew – Always a Blessing…

As St. Valentines Day Approaches…

And I sink, tonight, into ‘recover/down/fun’ time from the day’s work efforts…

I realize…

Pepe Le Pew Always Comes Through!

The following post pondered upon/written/edited/published all thanks to New Bloggy Cat’s post. which made me laugh and sent me down memory lane…

When I was pre-romance Age:

  • What Confidence!
  • What Perseverance!
  • So what if I’m not Perfect?

In Early Dating/Heartbreak Years

  • Why can’t they be as romantic as Pepe?
  • Sheesh! Can’t take a hint any better than Pepe!
  • Why?  Do I smell bad?

Through Vows of Commitment

  • I’ll be here, even when you are hiding from me/yourself.
  • I’ll do my part, best I can, to let you know you are cherished.
  • I’ll sometimes question whether I need to change, or you do, or if we are fine, just not together…

Impending Doom

  • Worth the continued effort?
  • What I want to believe vs. Reality…
  • Ummm…Yeah…Not So Much

Current Perspective

  • What Moxie and Courage to Be Oneself
  • What Perseverance in face of disappointment
  • Our species could be more dedicated to making caring gestures AND recognizing best gifts offered from those who try their best to love us…
  • Hope Springs Eternal

But most of All?

The Language of the Heart know no barriers –  actions and body language say it all, even in face of linguistic challenges…

(P.S. My fave shared clip to encapsulate all the above is less time than it took you to read this, is not in English, and I’m non-multi-linguist who attempts, sort of…

(Can you repeat in Ingles? Por Favor? Cuz I’m a language dweeb…Merci!

 “Dankeschön” (smile)

“Grazie!  My brain recognizes that sight/sound!)

Happy Pre-Valentines Day!

Gear Up for Whatever Works:

  • Being Alone and Happy About It
  • Being Alone and wondering “Why?  I’m a good person, right?  I don’t smell bad, do I?”
  • Being Alone but dreaming of/preparing for Soul Mate Appearance
  • Being Alone and saying, “The Perfectly Imperfect Soul will Show Up to Join Moi’s Imperfect Journey, when it happens – until then?  I’ve got plenty of stuff to keep me entertained while I wait and see…
  • Being Together but Feeling Alone
  • Being Together but Forgetting how awesome our chosen one is
  • Being Together and remembering why we chose to be together in the first place
  • Being Together, even when one would rather not, cuz, it’s just rude to break up right before Valentines Day – no matter how one feels…
  • Missing that special someone who still loves – but from far away, and no longer easily accessible by the 5 senses…
  • Watching Pepe Le Pew Marathon till one feels better and/or grows or decides, “Nope, not for me, not now…”

(Yes! I could have put the video clip at the top and saved ya some reading, but everyone has their high-maintenance blind spots, right? :)


Okay…I can do this….


This weeks’ honest-to-goodness blizzard resulted in some contamination of my propane fed wall heater –

“So what?” you ask…

So Glad you asked!  Here’s Flamethrower Story:

When dirt, grit, etc., get blown in/lodged/layered in mechanisms, “What?” takes the form of delayed lighting of heater, build-up of propane, and, eventually, mini-sonic boom and orange fireballs shooting from the wall into the living room – –

Rather an exciting afternoon, especially since no one got hurt once the ‘symptom’ of the storm’s actions showed/declared the new Presence of a Problem….

In case you’re new here at BallyBin, you should know –

I’m Skeered of Propane-Fed Thingamajigs

My parents put the Fear of God into me over some main conveniences/tools/appliances during the years they were in charge of me:

  • Gas/Propane
  • Pressure Cookers
  • Chainsaws

On the lighter side, I was also warned to never pee on, or over, an electrical fence, nor was it a good idea to lick a metal fence/flagpole in wintertime –

Since I didn’t have the requisite equipment to make such a folly easy for me to do (electrical fence item) and wondered why anyone, ever would think  licking metal outdoor structures was an adventure in courage or even worth responding to an idiotic double-dawg dare, I simply tucked those lil pieces of information away, should I ever have sons to teach – (yes, I truly think these two items fall under ‘male DNA territory…still can’t see the light so many, many males have tried to show me….)

Houston, There’s a Problem

The Problem caused by blown in particles of Mother Nature blessings, showed up without warning, when I was outside the doorstep, had just instructed man-child on why extra snow removal activities were needed now that the worse was over, in order to prevent ice hockey rink in front of primary entrance…

When, my wondering ears heard a loud bang, followed by a yelp, then some cursing from inside the house, as man-child re-entered abode to get suited up for more of Mama’s Please Handle/Help list –

“Did ya run into the doorframe cuz you were ‘snow-bright, sun-bright, blinded?”

“NO!  (insert grunt of disgust at misinterpretation of male sounds) “A fire ball just flew out of the wall furnace while I was walking by!”


“You okay?”

(terse, adrenaline response) “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay”

My Inner Committee to the Rescue

  • “Really!?!  Like right now?  Sigh….”
  • “Heat – Tonight – Top Priority”
  • “Sigh, will be working late today to make up lost hours spent dealing with this…plus time off to write about it, cuz seriously, won’t this be a funny blog post?”
  • “Umm…shouldn’t you be turning off the pilot and putting the thermostat to ‘Off’ position – Like, NOW?”
  • “Guess you messed up thinking you could delay that annual deep cleaning by an expert on such systems, eh?”
  • “Storm – delays to normal business – which expert may actually have the time to swing by and check out from my normal service providers?  So I don’t have too…”
  • “I Don’t Want to Deal with This! I’m Skeered”
  • “Tough, ya got to…Those who could help are busy catching up and helping those in straits more dire than yours, get over it”
  • “Check for dust, debris, first – Thank Gawd we have a handy-dandy new vacuum sweeper with really cool attachments….isn’t your brother awesome?”
  • “Call the office gals for the experts and ask how things are going for them – maybe the experts aren’t as busy as you think they are…you can at least check….”

Yes, my brain committee is Johnny on Spot, mostly because I like to listen to my brain committee and have no desire to “Shut them up” – So the above all took place in nano-seconds….

After Shut-Off, Vacuum, Further Cleaning, Inspection…

And after 2 additional phone calls….

  • One to office gal of local provider of ‘experts’, who graciously informs me of how things stand on their end,
    • (and yes, I felt bad – cuz she and her colleague made it to the office both days of the storm, to provide service – the experts/field techs had busted their butts trying to get to work, and make the rounds, and were still spending time fighting the snow, stuck equipment, drifts on county roads, etc…)
  • An hour later call to one who knows me, who is stand-in for moral support when I can’t call Mom to discuss/laugh/gird my loins to face my fears…
    • (One who laughs and listens to my funny stories about childhood, my parent’s advice, my joked about fears….who also laughs when I say, “Okay, will gear up to do, but if your office shakes and you see a black cloud to the north of you, know that I’m currently standing in front of St. Peter, stuttering out, “Wellll…yes, but really…I Thought….” and answering for my sins….)

Note! – My Mom can detect the smell of ‘leaking propane’ anywhere.  Even in a rental completely driven by Electrical systems and no gas/propane appliances, whatsoever  – I’ve learned this over the years, and she will worry if I look to her for ‘girding loins’ support on such topics –  since she doesn’t read my blog and/or, if she suddenly decides to do so one day, the danger is long in the past…etc., etc. Why should I initiate worry for her, before it’s fixed?  What kind of daughter would do that?! Knowingly?

Houston, Start Pre-Launch Checklist

  • “Okay – I’ve cleaned everything I can readily access, the propane feed has been turned off for an hour or more.. I’ve watched YouTube videos to make sure I know/remember the main feed lines and can identify the proper parts to watch/keep an eye on during Launch sequence”
  • “Every possible, removal, catch-fire item within a 4-10 foot radius of Fireball Thrower has been cleared- carpet not removed – guess we may have to replace if this turns ugly….
  • “Man Child Instructions Given for operations needed far from pilot lighting activities position”
    • Okay, when you’re ready, here’s what’s going to happen – I’m going to light the pilot – if that goes good, burns clean, stays lit, then I’m going to tell you, “Okay, turn it up!”
    • At which point, I want you to move this thermostat setting just above the current temp reading, and then skee-daddle to a good 10 feet away – DO NOT stand in front of the wall furnace while doing, -K-?”
    • I will watch the dual burners and see what color they are burning – so I want to stay down at pilot/burner level and may cut the feed if things look ugly…and shout, “Shut Down!
    • At which point, I want you to return to perimeter and place thermostat in Off position –
    • Got that?  Understand your mission?  Any questions?

Launch Report

  • Pilot lit, burned blue, stayed lit when depression of button released and dial turned to “On”
  • Burners immediately lit, no hesitation, no sonic boom, no fireballs when thermostat turned up
  • Dancing variables of orange amid the blue flames noted on burners for double check/info to expert who comes to deep, deep, inner parts clean…
  • Brain committee, wannabe sports fan commented, “See?  Sports are Important!  Ain’t you just seen the sign of  Blue & Orange Bronco Success?
  • Ears & brain simultaneously report no sound of man-child hurriedly clod-hopping further away after thermostat dial-up – sigh –
    • He might trust my preps, He might have learned silent warrior fast footwork OR we might have to talk about following directions, at least one more time – I won’t always be his boss – and he may end up in a nuclear powered facility…someday… – who knows? :)
    • You did see the note about my mom, right?  I come by worry-thoughts honestly – trying to improve upon the formula, but HEY!  Let’s take this journey one step at a time, shall we? :)

Post-Launch Analysis

  • I’ll always be ‘skeered’ or cautious or wise regarding propane –
  • I really need to not worry so much when those times come I must deal with the surprises – haven’t I proven to myself over and over that I’ve Got This!?
  • Young adult in house gets yet another reminder dose, both through action and spoken words
    • “This is what being an adult and getting to do whatever you want really looks like – Doing the very thing you’d rather not have to do and thinking about the possible contingencies – hold launch sequence – while I visit the ladies’ room – no sense peeing my pants, too, if this doesn’t go well….”
  • I really need to use my new vacuum to sweep out particles every month in winter, and especially after blizzards – not just twice a year…
  • There are those in my provider and friends circle, who forgive me my sins –
  • I don’t, yet, have to explain to St. Peter how I so royally mis-interpreted all the good advice provided to me throughout my life….


  • One phone call to service provider, “We’re good, put me in the schedule for the annual deep cleaning of system schedule when ever you have an empty spot of time to fill, that’s in the neighborhood – no hurry, but get me on the list…”
  • Two texts to support personnel, re: ‘Success!  Heater lit and no Fireballs!” and “Thank you for helping me gird my loins via talking myself up for it, and saving my Mom the worry of the conversation – You are appreciated!”  :)
  • Write a long-arse blog post to provide amusement and laughter for others, over how silly this particular human being can be…

And now, I’m returning to today’s regularly scheduled program…

Blizzards – A Story

Winter has, in all it’s glory, blessings and challenges, returned to my lil neck of the woods – AND though I have multiple draft posts  ‘in-need-of-editing/refinement’ awaiting attention –

Simply can’t deny the call to just wing it and hit the Publish button!

A Montage of Blizzard Perspectives:

School aged kiddos –

Yay!  No school, snowball fight, snow angels, snow forts, sledding, no homework, sleep in…etc., etc..

Mom of School aged kiddos:

Okay –  Wet garments, puddles to mop up, never-ending duties to keep folks warm, dry, protected from hypothermia, possibly put food/drink on the table sans electricity, modern kitchen tools, worry about those abroad, check in to ensure safety of Tribe, check home remedy stock for snowed-in preparedness, draw and/or check water supplies for hydration, meal prep, sanitation (toilet flushing), and cleaning needs……

Dad of School aged kiddos:

Okay, we’ll hook up the sled to the gas driven recreational vehicle or go ice-fishing, but first, we gotta take care of those who depend upon us … but once that’s done?  Heck Ya!  Let’s Go Have Some FUN!  And don’t forget to lure Mom away from her worry long enough to enjoy making a snow angel….

Public School Teachers

Yay!  Free day to spend time with my own children, catch up on my to do list, learn that new online system that’s been plaguing me with it’s imperfect launch/yet required use….

Employees of Bad Employers:

I can’t believe avoided getting fired by spending 3 hours to get here and keep the ‘office open’ when no one, including my boss, is even attempting to make the same effort… Should I risk firing by leaving early?  Or stick it out?  I need to find a new job…

Employees of Good Employers:

I’m so glad the folks I work for and give my time to, understand the short and long game of everyday decisions regarding what’s really important, my boss understands why I ain’t risking me or my family by coming into work today….


Hmm…long night ahead… check the water source, ice broken for access?   check feed stores, available and accessible?  Check on mama’s-to-be of the herd, especially the first time ones – are they going into early labor given barometric changes?  Any early arrivals simply in need of a little extra care for daring to be born at the least-conducive to their survival time?

Farmers & Gardeners

Okay – let’s see how this plays out – cuz ya know, lessons learned and there’s always next year…


Traveling Souls

Okay, okay, I got this – Self, don’t panic!   We got peanut butter, crackers, warm quilts and emergency supplies in the trunk…steady…focus, concentrate…. OMG!  What the heck are you (other driver) thinking just now?!?  ITs SLICK out here!  Sheesh!  Wake up and smell the….okay, okay, okay, avoidance maneuver, steer into the slide, easy on the brake/gas pedal….

New to Colorado Transplants:

WTF?  I planted my garden last week cuz I thought Spring had arrived!  It was so warm and nice- what gives?!? (BTW –  how do you navigate a white-out?)

Colorado Natives:

So grateful for the preview of Eternal Spring Hope last week – lifted my winter-blues soul – but ha-ha- I know better than to trust Winter is done for the season… ready for duty if it calls, content to enjoy if it doesn’t –

Freelance/Online Services Entrepreneurs

Just great!  A snow day declared early and unless electricity/internet goes down, I cannot find a single, valid reason to engage in the festivities or a marathon Star Wars day –  – unless….unless…I flake out and say to heck with it OR opportunity appears for roasting marshmallows/warming the fixings for hot chocolate over an open fire and reading my latest book by candlelight – – :)

Whine…still searching for a rational, logical, well-reasoned, early decision to engage in the fun and festivities of a Snow Day, while trying be fair regarding my duty, what I signed up for when I fashioned my daily life of choices – sigh… I miss being a kiddo …. :)

Stats & Memes Lie – Get Over It

Yes, I’m not over it, but couldn’t help but observe –

Below you will find two pics shared via Facebook (yes, I’m in middle of observing the social media phenomena, can’t help myself in collecting experential data –

Picture #1


Picture # 2


Decision of Mine:

“Oohh~  Look!  A chalkboard and anything written on it must be right –

Yup – I’m being an Arse

I firmly believe the only things that ‘gain ground/support’ these days and, throughout history, are those things observed/believed –

Did you know that scientist and medical practitioners swore the human body was not able to break a 4 minute mile?  Until someone did – – and all the sudden – everyone was doing it and making, by increments, better time –

Be careful how you choose to change the Human Paradigm – the person who falls from such changes might just be you –

Or not… :)  I’m open to possibilities – :)

(P.S. I’m well aware that I just put focus on two opposing viewpoints – I’m betting they either cancel each other out OR I’ll answer for my sins of creating Chaos – either way – I may learn more while disrupting the entire universe – remains to be seen between the Faith/Create crowd of belief – 

Thoroughly confused?  Don’t be – I live in my own little world of multiple stances/beliefs – :)  All that ever counts is INTENT by the individual and, to me, postings (mine included) shout out Intent loud and clear – I’m hoping my loud and oft-repeated saying, “…work in progress’….) covers the bases for you and me – :)

By the Way – you might have my email, phone # and home address – you might live 3 blocks from me – if you’re too busy to check anything other than your Facebook feed – you’re losing out on community! :)

The Saint and Sinner – Expectations

I’ve long held to the belief that Expectations can be a saving grace or worst enemy –

There are some who believe Expectations are always bad – they contend such things to be the death of any healthy relationship, the enemy of unconditional love and creativity –

I don’t think so – I think sometimes, our Expectations, shared in a loving way, become another’s saving grace –

Or our own saving grace –

For if I expect the best I see of you and let you know, that what I’m asking of you, you are capable of, and I can see it, encourage you to overcome your limited self-labeling of your own gifts, then might you not see yourself as I do?

Or, if I clearly state,

“Well, walking the road with me means I expect such and such – I may outgrow this need, I may not – but truly, this is what my path looks like, just now, enter and walk it only after making an informed decision…”

I guess – as I look back at the past year – as I review some of the conversations I’ve had (good and bad) with others – I realize that my daily thought processes are full of Expectations – not that these actively affect how I treat others without full, honest disclosure as best as I can, but I do have lots of Expectations –

Those who are comfortable with holding Expectations, often label them ‘Preferences’ in deference to or defiance of the delusional Positive Thinking movement that has gripped our culture in the wake of the Self-Help/Improvement movement that began to gain momentum nearly 5 decades ago under its’ current form.

And so, after scrolling through emails, social media and such, full of New Year’s thoughts, resolutions, confusion in wake of current events, ponderings upon the million and one problems facing us, (big and small issues highlighted during an election year, I might add…)

I wish to declare –

“Hell Yes I have Expectations of you and what you Do – and you have the same of me.   The best we can do is realize our expectations might be well-intentioned and maybe not so much –

We might be attached to the end result of our expectations and others walking our line, or, we might adopt a wait and see attitude.

We might see where we can grow as an individual when our expectations are not met – OR

We might continue to do what we’ve always done, even when it has never, ever, worked out like we thought it would – certain that we are, in the end, right, and everyone else just hasn’t gotten with the program yet and don’t know as much as we do –

OR, we may hold our Expectations loosely – to be shared via a, “You’re great at this type of thing!  Why are you worried?  I know you can handle it, even when you can’t see it – let me know when you see it”

Or we can, in the words of Padme, from Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith,

“Anakin, you’re breaking my heart. You’re going down a path I can’t follow.”

Happy New Year – May your Expectations, Stand or Preferences serve you and yours, your community, your supported ways and if not – well, look ’em over and see if they need a tad tweaking to perfect – or, as I’ve found at times, a major walking away/letting go :)

New Year’s Resolutions

As long time readers of BallyBin know, resolutions are always done on 12/31 and back-dated to 01/01 – Hey!  If corporate, government and other entities can determine their fiscal year and when they actually file such things for public disclosure, why should I do less?


But, I admit, I’m a cynic – the new year in my country is gripped by good intentions, a slew of fitness, health, business and other purchases – is gripped by fear of what the tax man will say and extensions to be filed, paying off Christmas credit card purchases, etc., and so, in my own defiance of an insane system, I dutifully fill out my taxes on New Year’s Eve, close out my books, set my quests (some of which I may have latched onto earlier in the year, or have worked my way down my ‘bucket list of things to be done before I die’ – and, compile what has been accomplished this past year that I’m feeling good about –

For, in my mind, since my blog is my diary – for the most part – this is the only record of my journey. (Yes, I have in place my plan for life, it will change hither-wither, but, seriously, only at the end of the year, do I actually know what I accomplished – or donated – or acquiesed to – take it for what you will)

Given my tagline, we shall separate such reposes into the Good, Bad and Ludicrous, just to maintain form.

Shall we get the ‘bad’ out of the way early?


  • I failed to gain a business partner – those I approached in 2014/2015 were either willing to work for the income, but didn’t want to mess with being a full, knowledgeable of all aspects partner – OR – those approached said, “sounds like a lot of work for little money” OR “Really?  Why are you so wrapped around the axel about this?”
  • I didn’t get my own new website published – I’m still pondering just exactly what I have to give that is best suited to me – and, given a new leaf, am loath to sprinkle it full of promises of services, that seriously, I really sort of chafe at providing….and so, there is further in Good, for this year’s pondering has led me to understand – there are things I love – things I don’t love but do in order to do what I love and things that I can let go of – :)
  • I failed to make huge inroads into my little hermitude status – though I made forays into the world that those around me thought were good, I know the truth – I only ventured forth because what needed done, needed done, and didn’t do any of it for edification of my own soul.
  • I sorely, despite my best intentions, failed to truly hear or understand the information being displayed before me by a customer – I, in my folly, descended into self and thought another just like me, and am waving goodbye to a short time customer – I vow to do better in 2016.


  • I have enough customers that we may all move to better tools, now, and split the costs where-ever we may – to take advantage of collaborative model, rather than lone wolf model – one for all, all for one – which suits my take on things – I have now spent 3 years building, cost-sharing, investing in my business those tools that provide a community with cost-effective solutions until they are ready to take the next step – and easy to wave a tearful goodbye when they outgrow what I provide and wish them well as they move on to more attractive options, with a website that doesn’t have to be recreated in it’s entirety.
  • I’ve learned more on my new tools and how to make various softwares jump through the hoops to do what’s needed until such time it’s just ‘included’.
  • I’m getting better at turning away customers who aren’t willing to learn in the ever-changing software world and will use 2016 to better vet new customers given what lessons learned in 2015.
  • I’ve said “No, I’m not your gal” and “Okay, sorry it didn’t work out for you, Bye…” 17 times this year –
  • I’ve freed myself from maintaining servers and stuff I struggled to understand – in order to save $ and have enough customers now, that we can all have the ease and convenience of snazzier tools without the heart stopping “Security Alert Emails” that have awoken me in the middle of the night for the past 3 years – I’m not a hardware gal and after 3 years of trying, in order to provide lower costs for my local community, I’m so happy to have enough customers to not have to walk that path anymore – I’m sleeping better and not waking up at 2 a.m. with my heart in my throat – due to my own ignorance and or stuff that it’s my responsibility to fix, like, NOW!
  • I decided in November of this year to start reading some of the All-Time Classics that I somehow missed having to read during my schooling years – so far, I’ve done 2 Dicken’s, Harper Lee and currently reading Thornton Wilder – I will be posting observations in the future – “)  Have 23 books left to read, to check this quest off as ‘done’ – but alas, I only went through the top 100 – more will follow the older I get, I’m sure –
  • I re-connected, via Facebook (gasp!) with some family and friends of yore that I had lost touch with – and, so far, none of them have “De-Friended” me, I count this as a success, cuz you know how blunt I can be at times.
  • I have learned over this last year that being silent in consideration for another’s pain or challenge doesn’t necessarily make me a hypocrite who stands by silent when important things are at stake – who knew?


  • I still dream of a mate who walks beside me the path of Life – and yet – still hurt, cynical, betrayed and ice-princess enough to believe, it will never happen any time soon – though I have healed many old hurts and have done my best to lay new ones delivered in 2015 in a less harsh light than I did previously – I’m still a Hard-Arse, though – for that is my favorite coping mechanism, I’m sorry to admit – but, work in progress and doncha know, figure you are too, even if you don’t see it yet.
  • It’s a major election year and I’m struggling with all of it – but hold out hope I can fill out my mail in ballot (in case I haven’t gotten over my preferred hermitude status by next November!) to be an informed voter…
  • Yes, I do my taxes, close out my books, take stock of my life and backdate my resolutions on 12/31/15 – for it works for me – and cheers me to face the new year coming forth

Happy New Year!

Unless you live or subscribe to a faith, nationality, cultural ideal that means I’m either early or late in wishing you a Happy New Year – know I wish it, just the same.