About Bally Bin

I picked the name ‘bally bin’ after doing some research into old Gaelic/Celtic languages – it’s literal translation is ‘peak town’.

Since I live where the view from both my office and kitchen is Pikes Peak  I can walk a short ways see Pikes Peak in the Distance (2011 I moved from the mountains to the plains of my childhood) I thought it still think the name appropo.

I think we should all get to live in or near a Peak Town – a local economy that is resilient and sustainable, where individuals reach their ‘peak’ via creativity and freedom, where resources are valued and used wisely.

And, since I have an opinion on just about everything (and can’t help but write about it) I figured an innocuous title for my blog wouldn’t lead readers astray – yes, I write about a variety of topics – No, I’m not an ‘expert’ on any of them.   Just sharing observations and what has worked (or not worked) for me.

There are times, too, that I get pretty grumpy about things I observe in our society.  I occasionally curse – so my blogs are not always appropriate for little ones.   On the other hand, I try to admit when I know I’m being biased or perhaps just a little too unreasonable regarding a subject.   And there are some things that are ‘accepted the way they are’ that I think we REALLY should be questioning.

A well-placed no-no word is sometimes the only way I know to convey just how important it IS to question accepted wisdom or tradition.

So if you choose to read my observations, remember, they are just that – observations.  Doesn’t mean I think everyone should rush right out and do anything on just my say-so.   I do hope to inspire folks to question the status quo, take an active part in their own community, healthcare and purchasing decisions.

Many of the things I denounce may draw a “Welll Duuuhhhh!” from you.   Okay.   But realize I only write these things because I’ve observed questionable behavior or decisions based on what I believe to be incorrect information.

You may disagree.

And that’s okay.  I won’t try to convert you if you don’t try to convert me.


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40 thoughts on “About Bally Bin”

  1. I went to Mitchell High school. Our house had a view of Pikes Peak. After life’s peregrinations, I’m in the San Luis Valley, ringed with mountains, all far enough to see them and close enough to love.

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    1. Howdy Neighbor!! πŸ˜€ (well, sorta….) πŸ˜€ Wonderful! Another bloggy pal to touch base with when I’m planning a trip to explore me own state! “We’ll do lunch!” – I have had high hopes of getting back to your neck of the woods for quite some time – Life Happens and such – but, little by little, things are getting built, infrastructure in place, etc., so that I can take little road trips to the explore the beauty and variety of our state!

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        1. Good to know! Fall travel is my fave time – March there sounds fantastic! But…March? Here? That little pesky time of year where blizzards can blow in, and even after it stops snowing, ya can’t see to drive anywhere (even if they are valiantly trying to keep roads open) sometimes – LOL – But it’s not off the table of possibilities – long as I can get from here to there without spending the night in the truck with my gallon of water, comforter, peanut butter & crackers emergency supplies, waiting for the local DOT to sigh and say, “your truck is in the way of us plowing the roads – – ” LOL

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        2. March is March. The Crane Festival is normally the first or second weekend in March. I have a friend in the Springs who comes down every year — this was the first year La Veta Pass was too iffy, a fluke because the drought down here is awful and we barely got snow this past winter


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        3. Thanks for the link, so I can bookmark sans researching! ❀

          Long ago, I was a dispatcher – The main passes in the state, in fall and spring, when they close, may close or 'are done being open for the year' is still in my brain, even though that was in the 1990s and the drought and weather patterns don't always match up with my memories! LOL –

          Here, locally, my childhood Memories say we started the garden in April May, for cold season plants – Potatoes were to be in the ground before easter – Things had to be harvested or given extra protection, if we were to keep going past late August –

          Now? Meh – I'll plant in June, extend protect from October – November, and why rush the spring planting UNLESS I have blizzard, freezes or hail protection up/around it – easier to just wait until June to plant out – LOL – although JUNE is traditionally the time of tornados/hail – in my memories – – LOL

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        1. I saw that – and just as soon as I can get my head above water on work, I look forward to ‘hopping over and visiting your world’ – πŸ™‚ I’m behind on posting and full reading endeavors here – still trying to keep up with comments! πŸ™‚ Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful day/week – πŸ™‚


    1. I’m convinced our paths would cross in real-life, too! I can see us now – sharing perspectives, learning from each other, shouldering together to move the obstacle of what we decided over a cuppa that needed to some forward movement/education/etc. πŸ™‚ Until then – so happy you are part of the community I visit in Digital Cyber Cafe! πŸ™‚ You bolster me, make me think, allow me to be me and all without leaving my own living room- you are Fantabulous! πŸ™‚


    1. I am in need of a new theme/background, because while I can see Pikes Peak from my place, I no longer reside in it’s back yard – – πŸ™‚ So, have engaged in False Advertising sins for a couple years now because I’d rather write/communicate than re-do graphics!! LOL Still love my home state of Colorado! πŸ™‚

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    2. Hey Wally! Only took me 2 years, but I updated my blog About info AND pics of my love of Eastern Plains of Colorado (in addition to the Colorado Mountains I called home for 20 years) – hope you find the beauty of our prairies as awe-inspiring support of your ‘All that is – Main focus” as I do, every day – My dad told me, early on, God was to be found in the quiet beauty of the plains – I had to remind him what he taught me of the beauty, re: the wind sweeping across them, as he neared his journey’s end – πŸ™‚


    1. I didn’t think to check here before posting the Liebster Award – it has been updated to include your awesome information and I hope you can forgive the delay, forgetfullness and such of my actions! πŸ™‚


        1. I wish it were amnesia – that’s seems a better excuse than “I procrastinated so long, I ended up forgetting where the info was.” LOL As for being bloggy world friends, I’m so glad you found me so I could follow the trail back to you! πŸ™‚


  2. I am so grateful to Cranky Caregiver for helping me find your delightful blog, on which I will enjoy exploring the ordinary and extraordinary. And thank you so much for the visit to my own blog and for all the great comments!

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  3. I am new to blogging and there is so much out there to read. I chose to follow your blog because you seem honest and humble – makes for great writing! Looking forward to your posts!

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    1. Hi Trailerdreamer – glad you found me so I could know about you! Checked out your blog and am excited about following your adventure, as well – – My youngest has 3 more years of school left, then who knows, perhaps me and Oakley, the wonder dog, will meet up with you all out on the open road – My dream is to be mobile too, once only the dog needs me – she isn’t too picky about having a big bedroom! So as soon as I figure out how to efficiently garden on the road, I’m In!

      Until then, so glad to meet a kindred soul and yes, there are a lot of great blogs out there…So glad you took the time to stop by mine and comment!

      Welcome to the Blogging Community! It’s a great bunch of folks πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks so much for visiting my site and deciding to come along. I love your disclaimer here–nothing works like a good swear sometimes! And it’s hard *not* to be grumpy when dealing with the human race. I can’t wait to read your stuff.


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