Grazin’ Acres (shut down?)

No complaints, no illness, but Wisconsin dairy still facing shutdown by local authorities

In response to the report that The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is attempting to shut down Grazin’ Acres, owned by Vernon and Erma Hershberger, I sent off an email to Sauk’s County DA, Patricia Barrett, Esq. and Sheriff Randy Stammen (email content to follow).

Why would I send communication:

  • to officials I cannot vote for or likely care what I have to say?
  • regarding information that I may, or may not have, the full story on?
  • that probably won’t be read?

Well, because if what has been reported IS the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then it is the responsibility of every individual who treasures the freedom of purchasing their food direct from the producer to voice their opposition to events such as these.

And even if there are true violations that need addressing (I’m thinking perhaps someone thinks they are missing out on some license, permit or tax money?) then fine, but why shut down a prospering business that contributes to the local economy and prosperity?

And in the end, even if I have once more succumbed to something that will be de-bunked on Snopes (I have before, but I highly doubt this is the case this time!), I still think it is important that elected officials nationwide have some clue as to the number of citizens that place high value on buying their food locally from conscientious producers.

If you value your local farmers and ranchers, farmer’s market and having the availability of local food, please add your voice!  Here’s the link again for the full story and contact addresses.

Here is the content of my email:

“Dear Ms. Barrett and Sheriff Stammen,

I was alerted to information indicating Grazin’ Acres is under investigation for violations regarding food production/distribution, although no consumer complaints have been filed, nor injuries incurred by individuals consuming their products.

I am not a resident of your county and have not read the official reports – so I realize that I may not be privvy to the whole story.

However, if the facts listed by those who are supporting the Hershbergers (specifically, the Weston A. Price foundation) disclose the full story AND are correct, I respectfully add my voice to those who request these kind of actions desist.

Historically, many of our food safety laws, government regulations, etc., have come into being after faulty practices and sub-par products were dispersed to the market by those who considered profits above the health and well-being of the communities they served.  This is good and right, as a society should do its best to protect its’ civilians from the harmful actions of those who place affluence before the well-being of their fellow man.

However, it is disturbing to me to see interference in a business agreement in which the consumers have no complaints and the producer is providing a valued and needed commodity to their local community.

In the face of economic recession and budget woes, it is more important than ever to strive for strong local communities and local resiliency.  Successful locally owned businesses contribute to vibrant local communities and, by the way, a strong local tax base.”

Thanks to The Good American Post for posting this information!

(Perhaps the actions by the DATCP is indicative of what we can expect if Bill S510 passes?  Please say not……………)

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