Grazin’ Acres Update

This update is outdated – I sorta went on sabbatical and didn’t go where internet services were available.  (I also let this slide from my to-do list…)

But in short, an organic dairy farmer, with an Amish background, has operated a successful “feed thyself and thy neighbors who trust you with their stomachs” business for awhile now.   Agreements were made between individuals on who produced what, who got to consume it and how trade was to be negotiated.

Complaints regarding the arrangement are not forthcoming from any of the parties involved.

They are, however, coming loudly from local authorities.  (Agencies and personnel who depend on taxation/permit and licensing fees for their salaries and their annual budgets, I suspect.)

If the owners of Grazin’ Acres were not truly afoul of the law before, they sure are now.   Owners and customers Broke Evidence Seal tape placed by local authorities in order to access the food they needed for their sustenance.

On the flip side, I think valid charges of Vandalism or Destruction of Private Property can be levied against the raiding officials – apparently they put blue dye in a huge tank of nutritious, organic milk, so as to make it unsellable.

Hmmm… reminds me of slash and burn tactics of armies and the weird actions of abusive spouses – if we  don’t want it, can’t have it or make a profit off it, let’s destroy it so no one else can either…

Thank goodness the owners have some kind of religious faith and background.   Freedom of Religion is sometimes the last Constitutional defense you can use that will hold up against government interference. (Hey! I don’t begrudge anyone their tax-free status – just wish it was for everyone…)

Being a gnostic heretic myself, if I ever come afoul of the law, I’m screwed.

(Note* translation of ‘gnostic heretic’ is as follows: “One who has free thought regarding spiritual topics”)

What reminded me to check in again on the saga of Grazin’ Acres was the fact that zealous profiteers (aka local government agencies) are now passionately fighting the battle against unlicensed, no-permit Lemonade Stands.

(Thanks to NimblePig for alerting us to this use of valuable resources.)


Granted, I’m glad I can make consumable purchases and not worry if I’m going to die each and every time something crosses my lips.   I realize inspection and the funds for such are needed in order to provide this public service.

But I’m reminded of a friendly debate with Ms. Capricorn-Bookkeeper recently regarding regulation, taxation, the Free Market, the benefits and evils of capitalism and about any other highly controversial topic you can name. (that is the true benchmark of friendship – how many subjects can you debate and remain friends?)

To save you pain, I’ll paraphrase the conclusions of that hour long conversation in the following clip:

In a free market, those whose products are unsafe or crappy go out of business.   People quit buying from them.   We don’t need all these laws and regulations in order to realize 3% growth each year via bigger government and increased public spending ventures.   My gawd – there is literally no ceiling on the ingenuity we possess.   We can come up with all kinds of really needed and really cool products and services.

Really, who’d have thought you could talk to your friend while cosily at home in your jammies and not have to actually clean house in preparation for company? Thank you Mr. Bell.

I am not suggesting we return to the days of milk poisoning or selling cocaine as the elixir that heals.  And I’m not silly enough to think getting rid of all regulatory laws and institutions tomorrow is a viable idea.

On the other hand, I truly question our current system of ensuring food safety.   When those who inspect, enforce and oversee food safety also depend upon income via permits, licensing fees, fines and penalties to shore up their out-of-control budgets, then me thinks we’ve just let the fox into the henhouse.

I also am highly wary of the revolving door between agencies who oversee food safety, production and sales and corporations who like to patent life.  (See Future of Food for details and information.  Trust me, it’s worth the hour and a half out of your day.)

How about American ingenuity and entrepreneurship in the form of affordable home food safety testing kits?

Consumable product (our society has been trained to love consumable goods!), food safety for the individual, a new booming business guaranteed to save lives and enable the destruction of those who poison their neighbors while making a fortune.  It would also mean new jobs… hopefully based in America….

Unfortunately, I’m not a business person, chemist or investor.  But you go right ahead.   I’ll just take an annual stock dividend check as a thank you for the idea….

Any takers?

9 thoughts on “Grazin’ Acres Update”

  1. I think you’ll appreciate this documentary called “Controlling Our Food”

    Hunting down a raw dairy farmer with a small private membership base is beyond pathetic, frivolous, and an obscene waste when there are actual issues they should be focusing on.

    Crazy concept.. how about protecting farmers who do not wish to grow GMO crops from contamination from subsidized corporate growers?


    1. Waiting for my pricey but slow streaming internet connection to load, but the first few seconds indicates another endeavor highlighting the issues covered in Future of Food?
      If so, then you’re correct, I shall greatly enjoy another link to share.


    2. Also, unless you know of someone who can control wind currents, pollinating insects, etc., good luck on preventing GMO contamination….Really? There are folks who do that?

      Oh yeah, last experiment resulted in Killer Bees….(1950’s attempt at man making a better bee by cross-breeding European and African bees…oops, Frankenstein got out….)


      1. Oh… we’ve warped the surroundings pretty much on every level. Heck, most of the earthworms are invasive species. (Vermiculture run rampant as they are not really controlled and shipped everywhere via the internet. No one will freak about the loss of goblin ferns, but once issues get worse with the sugar maples in the NE.. then we’ll hear some yelling.)

        Crazy all this is going on.. and so quietly to boot. Their goal isn’t to enhance agriculture, it is to control global food supply. At least with the killer bees they have been able to select more mellow queens and in turn create less volatile colonies.

        If they create the zombie gene in a strain of corn.. terrifying. Corn pollen is designed to ride in the wind (vs attracting a pollinator).. and it can travel well over a mile easily.

        How do you stop a monster (or hold them accountable) when the monster owns the people who are supposed to be protecting us?

        With everything going on in the world though, most people are putting on blinders as they are just too overwhelmed to deal. Yet another scary reality.


        1. I choose to think the ‘blinders’ are less apathy or disbelief and more a self-defense mechanism to quell deeply seated unease.

          I’m amazed at the number of folks, even those who believe in life everlasting, who are afraid to die. This rampant fear unknowingly supports those who mess with things better left to Mother Nature.

          While I’m not actively seeking an end to this level of existence, I do take heart in the quote from Avatar: “Eywa does not take sides. She is only interested in the balance of life.”

          I figure we’ll either straighten up or be destroyed – it’s that simple.

          I do observe with interest the increase of reports regarding animal attacks. Either the media is doing a better reporting job, or Eywa is fighting back….


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