Bark Eaters

One of my favorite friends confided over coffee the other day that some in her circle refer to her as a ‘bark eater.’

This is their social commentary on her attempt to take care of her health via supplements and diet, rather than prescription medications.

I hugged her and said, “Welcome to the Family.”


About a month ago, I had a health care consultation with Ken “Bear Hawk” Cohen.   He recommended osha root as an addition to my pneumonia recovery regimen.  And generously provided me with a portion from his own, wild gathered stores.

(Yes, I was recently informed by another provider that due to HIPAA laws, they could not discuss my health with me via email.  So if this post is a violation of my HIPAA rights, then so be it.  They’re mine and I’ll do with them what I want.)

(I also want to mention I’m very glad Osha root use has not been connected by anyone, thus far, to weight loss.   This means those questing after a size 2 body have not overdosed on it and thus, resulted in it’s removal from our ‘legal to purchase’ herbs, like ephedra has and kava kava is in danger of being.)

I faithfully put the precious gift into a plastic baggie to prevent its’ contamination by the dregs of organic tobacco that linger in the bottom of my purse.

Later, while being ‘searched’ by security staff at the hospital a loved one was being admitted to, the security guard took big interest in this piece of brown, barky looking stuff in a baggie….

Thank god osha root does not fit the law enforcement description of ‘a green leafy substance’…I woulda been screwed.

(And what would have happened if I had dared to be carrying loose leaf organic green tea, I ask you?)


Being a Bark Eater who smokes organic cigarettes is not an easy path to walk.   It limits the number of networking circles you can join in order to support your job hunt.   It decreases the number of circles who welcome you with open arms.

And it really places you on the list of ‘tree huggers who are ruining this country of ours.”

So, to all you bark eaters out there, who dare to consume saturated fats and smoke organic cigs, all I can say is…

“Welcome to the family.   C’mon over anytime.”


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