Funny and Sexy

Okay, so I have to tell you, I’m rather disappointed, dear reader.

I spent 30 minutes preparing my thoughts regarding smoking.

I spent 6.5 hours researching, linking and writing about pending legislation that could threaten our freedoms regarding a free internet and freedom to work without handing over your retinal scan or DNA.

My handy-dandy WordPress Blog Stats page tell me you are more interested in my tobacco habit than possible loss of more of your freedoms.

They also tell me Paris Hilton, even when made fun of, is more important to the world than how our states are losing their 10th Amendment rights… over and over…..

Sorry, truly, I’m not mad at you.

I’m just discouraged this morning.


An email conversation with my buddy Tish at Good American Post this a.m. reminded me why I’m doing all this anyways.

And gave me a shoulder to cry on.  And an ear to whine too.


So, dear reader, shall I write about the Funny and Sexy instead of giving you information that helps you in your quest to be a knowledgeable voter?

Results of our local primaries indicates to me that folks would rather have pictures proclaiming proficiency and experience (with no actual facts to back it up or corroborate) than straining their eyes and minds by reading through vast amounts of in-detail, easy to verify information with links to 3rd party sources.


I admit I often disregard conventional Marketing and Website Traffic advice.

I do not promise to heal you, protect you or make you wealthy.

I do not add pop-ups that say “Wait!  Are you sure you want to leave this page?  Really, c’mon, just give me your email address and then you can leave….”

I also do not check to see who is on Oprah tomorrow and write about things I know nothing about in order to drive traffic to my site.  (another suggestion on making your blog stats chart pretty….)

I occasionally use profanity, another big no-no.

And I over-tag mercilessly, even when tag word searches result in only 3 google links and do not appear on any keyword or trending list.

I’m doing my part in adding to the variety of information available for all two of you interested in such things….


I have no one to blame but myself.   I didn’t like the rules, so I chose not to play by them.   Now I am reaping the consequences.


Shall I distract you from your deep-seated anxiety and unease by talking about wealth, immortality and the latest cool shoes?

Maybe I’ll tranquilize you into believing you are Free and live in a Free society by adding my support to those who lure you deeper into slavery with promises of security?

Perhaps I should tell you that sitting on your couch, watching reality TV, with proper mental focus, can result in surprise million dollar checks arriving in your mailbox…


Sorry, can’t do it.

Wrong or right, I simply cannot write about fluff and ignore the important. (remember, my blog, I get to decide what is important… )

My dad said once there were some folks who just don’t get the message until it’s delivered via a baseball bat.

I’ve never tried out his theory, because I like viewing the world sans iron bars and I really don’t like physical violence in any form other than pure self-defense or defense of those too weak or little to protect themselves.  (think children, the elderly or kittens.)

But I think I’ve found a very big Verbal Baseball Bat.   Details to Follow…..

(hey, check out the tag list…I’m learning….Will report the stats later…)


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