It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

I support Mark Manriquez for Teller County Sheriff’s Office.

Over 2,000 Republicans disagreed with me yesterday.

But seems a Write-In Campaign may be possible. (In other words, hope springs eternal in my heart.)

Previously, some doubts were voiced by the politically savvy and well-informed,  regarding success rates of write-in campaigns, given the spelling ability of the voting public and a name any more complex than Smith or Jones.

Seeing as how apparently, the local voting public can either not read or are choosing to put blinders on regarding experience, qualifications and background check results, as well how candidates fare when compared, I’m inclined to think perhaps this doubt is well-founded.

But not to worry….

I have PhotoShop….

And a vehicle that needs some window decoration….

Here ya go, free to use without worries of copyright infringement litigation:

How do you spell Sheriff?


(I will faithfully report if a heartburn relief company serves me with Notice of Pending Litigation papers…..)

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