The Face of AI

That’s Artificial Intelligence, for those without their handy-dandy acronym list close by.

Via my inbox, I get an email from Yahoo, who supposedly tracks my clicks and sends me links to “Things I’m Interested In”.  Here’s the list:

  • Men’s style mistakes that drive women nuts.
    • (who cares what they’re wearing when they are being dorks?)
  • Natural ways to boost your metabolism
    • (really?  my nutritionist would love to get me off of coffee.)
  • Most iconic swimsuits of all time
    • (think Farrah what’s her name.   And I don’t wear swimsuits.)
  • Healthiest Frozen Dinners on the market
    • (they make healthy ones?)
  • Only types of debt you should ever carry
    • (why are we all in debt in the first place?)
  • What your workspace says about you
    • (I’m unemployed, however, my kitchen and laundry room say I try to be clean and neat…)
  • Ten summer style do’s and don’ts
    • (I hate to shop, apply make-up or ‘do’ my hair)

Notice I did not hyperlink any of these.   I figure if you’re into reading my blog, you don’t care about these topics either… Or, like me, you know they are either fluff, or full of misinformation…

(Tell me, please, who out there Really believes they can ‘drink their way to slimness”?  I tried by switching from Bud to Light years ago…not working…)

Given my knowledge of government and private sector geek heads trading technology back and forth, this list both worries and relieves me at the same time.

If they are this far off the mark, even though someone has access to my ‘internet viewing history stats’ then I’m pretty confident it will be a long damn time before Jack Bauer can find his way to my house…

On the flip side, I fear 5 years from now, my robot maid will march from my kitchen, with a tray bearing: white store-bought bread toast, smeared with margarine and jam containing aspartame, accompanied by improperly roasted coffee and pasteurized milk from cows bred to stand on concrete and give a billion more gallons of milk than should ever be asked of one cow, who are fed soy meal while they stand knee deep in their own offings.

I mean really, did she not read my blogs at all?  It’s so hard to find good help these days…

Ah well.   For the time being, I’m safe from Big Brother.

For one, apparently computerized systems to note my likes and dislikes are not quite out of the proverbial beta testing woods. Appears that plenty of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) is still going on.

And two, even when I and thousands of others say, “No” to NAIS, biometric Social Security Cards and  handing our internet system over to the President, the powers that be apparently forget to turn up their hearing aides.

If you aren’t listening to me, than I figure you won’t know where to look, either.

“Let those who have eyes, see and those who have ears, hear.”


3 thoughts on “The Face of AI”

  1. There are two types of people; those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave them alone. You and I and all of my close friends fall into the first category. The PTB fall into the second.

    As for the robot, just take out her batteries. That’ll do it. 🙂


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