Jack Bauer

One more quick post and then off to get ready for my birthday dinner…

I’ve often referred to Jack Bauer in my posts.   For those of you who don’t know who this is, here ya go:

Jack Bauer is an American Patriot, who works at the Counter-Terrorism Unit in the hit show, “24”.   He continually fights for the safety of Americans, protects and serves a government who has screwed him and betrayed his loyalty a million times over.   He frequently chooses to save the lives of millions, while losing his own loved ones.

In short, he’s a fictional character.


I’m not usually a fan of prime time TV.  But via Hubby, I got drawn into watching “24”.

By season two, my husband was rather tired of hearing: “Why in the hell does he keep protecting and supporting  jackasses who have proven they are not worthy of loyalty or life?!?”

To which hubby replies, “Ummm…honey….it’s a TV show….”

Bless his stable and supportive heart.


I love Jack Bauer, even while I rant against the unreality of such a man.

Because he consistently lives ideals I say I believe in, but know in my heart I do not live up to.

(And also because he knows how to kick some arse and expose sneaky politicians for the sniveling cowards they are…)

You see, if I’m faced with a choice of saving millions of my fellow man, or getting my son to safety, so sorry for you, but I’ll choose my son.

I’m selfish that way.

On the flip side, if it’s just my life we’re talking about and I think you are defenseless against overwhelming odds,  then my life is all yours.

I continually side with the underdog.

In short, if  those who persistently trade their liberty for safety, via voting, end up without access to proper nutrition or food, I’ll feed me and mine before I let them have one grain of my purchased-directly-from-the-local-farmer wheat.

And you better hope someone I love is still alive, cuz if not, I’ll destroy my food stores and starve before I let you have a single bite.

I have a vengeful streak…

I’m also into personal responsibility.

And if I die from lung cancer or get shot as a heretic, I won’t hold you responsible…


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