Not My Problem….

I was going to take the day off.   But my email inbox lured me in…

Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment, posted a blog regarding Codex Alimentarius this a.m. (Here’s my view on the subject.)

In a nutshell, she is calling for help.   Seems conferences designed to unite and inform those who would be detrimentally affected by the passage of Codex, resulted in poor attendance (hey, not my problem) and also in bickering among those who DID attend (remember the motto, “United we Stand, Divided We Fall”?).

Those organizations who have shown steadfast in their efforts to fight this legislation are broke.  And worn out…. and discouraged…

So over I mosey to read the final draft of the 33rd session of Codex Alimentarius European Position.  For your reading displeasure, I submit the following text, direct from the horse’s mouth:

“This is a continuation of the lengthy discussion on the definition of consensus. Some delegations have insisted on developing a definition for consensus because in their view it would add transparency in the Codex decision making process. Many other delegations, including the MSEU, were not in favour of creating such a definition as in their view a rigid definition for consensus could be counterproductive for the Codex decision making. As there was not enough support for creating a definition for consensus at CAC 32, Malaysia proposed additional text to be inserted in the Guidelines to Chairpersons in the Procedural Manual containing elements of earlier proposals for a consensus definition. CCGP 26 agreed to insert the Malaysian proposal to the Procedural Manual: ““Where there is opposition to an issue under discussion, the chairperson should ensure that the views of concerned members be taken into consideration by striving to reconcile conflicting arguments before deciding whether consensus has been reached”. (Text compliments of: 33rd Session of Codex Alimentarius European Position, Final Draft .pdf, Page 4, near the bottom)

In case you pooped out reading in the first line, I’ll give you my paraphrase:

“In 33 sessions of discussing this, we can’t even agree on what constitutes agreement.

We also have a goodly number of members supporting a purposefully murky definition, so this insane issue can become world law, based on the votes of 2 or 3 members, although we will give appearance of valuing dissenters’ opinions by ensuring you bark eaters get some floor time.”

(I’m reminded of, “Define sexual relations.”)

Again, I am by turns, relieved and worried.

Relieved because if 33 sessions has not resulted in a consensus regarding the definition of consensus, then these folks will continue running around in the dark trying to find their own arses with their own hands and Codex will remain a pipe-dream.

(Although Sexual Harassment suits may increase, due to unknowningly grabbing what you thought was your arse, and Surprise!  it’s not….)

Worried, because recent local election results tell me if you keep folks distracted long enough with pretty campfires, the evils we say we are so ardently against will become law or the next  elected official because we were too busy fighting among ourselves,  denying  proposed regulations have anything to do with us, too busy to research or to0 lazy to ask the hard questions.

Or we simply got tired and worn out.

Or we’re not independently wealthy enough to continue surviving without donations from our fellow Freedom Fighters or (worse) a paycheck from those who commit fraud and blackmail on a daily basis.

Or we blindly believe committees formed and backed by government and big business truly have our best interests at heart.

C’mon now, look at your circle of friends.   Who among them would starve while giving you their last crust of bread?

Do you really think these national and international committees are more interested in your welfare than those you know and love?


I will say I canceled my subscription to one of the Codex Freedom Fighters email list, simply because:

  • Messages were consistently full of typos and hate-filled speech
  • Allegations (but little verifiable proof) were continuously made regarding Big Brother shutdown  via internet communications.

It’s not that I didn’t believe them – I’m open to conspiracy theories.   But I also avoid Raving Fanatics as much as I can.  Even when we have a foe in common.

Simply because, from my viewpoint – “You’re making us all look like a bunch of uneducated, illiterate and prejudiced jackasses.”

Yes, I know you’re mad.  And scared.   And discouraged that what you so vehemently oppose and have so arduously fought against is seen as ‘not my problem’ by your fellow man.

But, please, give me some verifiable information and research regarding the different sides of the issue, so I can become informed on what the Real Issue is.


I realize that Lobbyists, Organizations and Freedom Fighters hold the front line while us troops in the back get our crap together.

But I also submit my ardent belief that lasting change only comes about via grass roots movements.

Our War for Independence was not won by well-dressed, well-fed, well-paid troops, riding expensive war-horses.

It was won by those who marched barefoot in the snow, on bleeding feet, with boiled shoe leather causing great pains in their tummies and brains full of, “What if the British are at my house, raping my wife and killing my kids, right now?”

Slavery didn’t end because someone made a law against it -or even because a war was fought.  It’s demise began when enough average citizens said,

“I don’t care what the law is.  This is wrong!  And I will follow my heart and do what is right, imprisonment or death be damned.”

I refer to the Underground Railroad.

Raw milk isn’t available in our state because some representative said, “Let’s give people a right to choose where they get their food and support our local entrepreneurs.”

Nope, it came about by average citizens doing their homework and saying,

“Hey, guess what?   We’ve figured out how to get the nutrition we deserve and want, all while playing by your complex rules.”

(Although, in all fairness to opposing views, I will admit most historians agree the witch hunt borne out of the Salem Witch Trials came to an abrupt end when the Governor’s wife was accused.)


Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the disagreement and not sure who is right?   Are you wondering what the heck you can do when an international committee cannot even define ‘consensus’?

(It means casting informed votes and counting those votes, you…you…Margarine Eaters.

Thanks Sharon for sharing this wonderful non-curse word label that speaks volumes about my beliefs)

Think your voice is not heard and not heeded by those elected for the sole purpose of representing you?

Do not despair, dear reader.   You do have power.   You do have a voice.

It’s called daily life actions.

Know your farmer, rancher, neighbor.   Put your means for survival in the hands of those who live within walking distance of you.   Band together and form your own local Community Exchange System.

Quit looking at campfires and instead, say “No” to the chains that enslave you, via promises of safety and security.

Figure out your plan for the worst case scenario (Yellowstone Blowing) and tell me who, exactly, is going to save you then.

From there, start working back towards current reality.

Turn your back on those who make promises they not only have no intention of keeping but aren’t even capable of fulfilling.

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