End of the Free Market

Caught your eye and heart with that title, didn’t I?

I’m fresh out of entering Ian Bremmer’s world, “End of the Free Market” via the RSA website.

I visit RSA often.  I’m drawn there for the same reason a friend is drawn to their local Unitarian church:

“These folks have more questions than they do answers.”

In spite of my ‘need-to-know’ personality, I am comforted and feel safe in the presence of those who ask hard questions and openly admit, “Not sure what, exactly, the solution is, but here’s my thoughts on the matter….”

Simply because I always feel safer around rational souls than I do around fanatics…even when the rational disagree with me and the fanatical hold the same views I do.


Mr. Bremmer takes 20 minutes to expound his opinions on the ‘happy medium’ between Open Market and State Capitalism.   I like him.  Here’s some clips:

  • It’s not popular right now to talk about Open Markets and State Capitalism.
  • Large corporations have more freedom in the U.S. via lobbying congress than anywhere else in the world.
  • ‘Bubbles burst’ but no one wants to the first one off
  • There are going to be hard conversations to be had in the coming years regarding the subjects of Free Market and State Capitalism
  • G20 results in many productive, substantive conversations on the side, but in the end, they are not going to accomplish anything.

Now you know why I like him.

Oh, you don’t?  Well, line up his clips alongside my beliefs:

  • I love talking about issues that either bore or tick off others
  • Big Corporations have immense political power
  • I think focusing on ‘wealth and success’ is a large contributor to our current woes
  • I like hard conversations.  They broaden my perspective and knowledge base
  • Committees consisting of more than 1 person rarely, if ever, get anything accomplished


In all fairness, Mr. Bremmer said some things that made me uncomfortable.   And some things that sent me to Wikipedia to get educated on, because I had no clue what the word or phrase meant.

But in the end, I give his talk 2 thumbs up, all because of one line I’ll paraphrase for you:

“The Free Market isn’t the overwhelming good bet it used to be, but that’s still where I’ll place mine.”


Because we can only interpret new information within the context of our own previous experience, you may disagree with my valuation.   You may hear, “Obama Lover” and cry foul.

You may hear a lot of things that sound like he’s calling for actions you ardently oppose.

But I promise you, he’ll make you question what you thought you knew…


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