No Wonder…

we are in the condition we are.  We simply cannot agree about anything.  Even eggs.

After months of complaining about Yahoo headlines showing up before my email in-box, I’ve adjusted.   I now peruse the morning news.

Hey!  You can teach an old dog new tricks.

One of the headlines that caught my eye today:  228M eggs recalled following salmonella outbreak.

Yes, I skim-read the story.   But in my usual manner to get to the bottom of what’s really going on, I skipped pretty quickly to the comments section.

I figure reading the comments gives me a better idea of where my fellow citizen stands on various issues.

I’m now convinced that S510 will probably pass.   As will Codex Alimentarius.  Simply because scanning the comments revealed cries that the government is not doing it’s job, maybe now folks will see what a great thing S510 is and so on…

Meaning security is more cherished than liberty, to my mind.


I also noted there are either a lot of Obama opponents, or there are a few who have managed to sign up and use several different screen names.   Somehow, someway, many commentators managed to link his holiness to the present “poisoning of Americans”….

I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, but c’mon now, really?


The majority of the comments I read (I made it through the last 90 of 900+), were peppered with the logical:

“Proper cooking and cleanliness while in your kitchen protects you from this.” (20+ comments)

The budget-conscious:

“I’m sick of hearing “buy local from the farmer”.  I use 6 dozen a week!  I’m stickin’ with Costco” (4+)

The trying-to-be-self-reliant:

“I have nutritious, honorably raised produce, but stores want me to sign a contract saying I will consistently deliver X amount every week.  Impossible for a small farmer” (2+)

The vegetarian:

“See?  If you would quit eating animal products, you wouldn’t have to worry about this” (3+, although, apparently, they’ve forgotten about the recent Tomato and Lettuce recalls…)

The brave:

“Read this while slurping down my morning protein shake with 4 raw eggs in it.  Feel great!”(17+)

The fearful:

“When are our elected officials going to protect us from death?   I’m so tired of them not doing their job.”(15+)

The detail-oriented:

“Why didn’t they give us information on when the eggs hit the store shelves and what code I’m supposed to look for to tell if the eggs in my fridge are on the recall list?”(5+)


Sigh.   Reading the comments shows me that I fall in the same group as those who have boycotted reality TV (the minority).

On the bright side, I am reminded again of how great Freedom of Speech is…

See, now I have plenty to think about this morning:

  • How do the folks who lost a loved one to food poisoning feel about this?
  • Have Obama aides alerted him that several folks with funny screen names think he’s behind the outbreak?
  • Will Ms. small farmer survive in her chosen lifestyle?
  • Will Mr. protein shake be alive tomorrow?
  • Will Ms. Clean’s kids be in therapy someday, complaining about  her choice of ‘safe, clean kitchen’ over ‘cooking with my kids’?
  • How will my life look in 5 years, if so many around me would rather have security than choice?

Have plenty of food for thought to keep me entertained…


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