The Eyes Have It

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to read the news today…

Now I’m upset about Iris Scanning technology – seems it’s about to be implemented in a large city in Mexico (but, I admit, you can’t always believe what you read.)

While I’m a big proponent of living your life as IF everything you do will be displayed on the front page of your local newspaper, I still prefer to live in an environment where it actually isn’t.

Because I’m human, and tend to make mistakes….

I think the most telling line of this whole article is the response of Jeff Carter, CDO of Global Rainmakers,  regarding the option of law-abiding citizens to not participate in the Iris Scanning System:

…he has a warning for those thinking of opting out: “When you get masses of people opting-in, opting out does not help. Opting out actually puts more of a flag on you than just being part of the system. We believe everyone will opt-in.”

I’m reminded of Renata Salecl’s observation of  ‘illusions of choice when there really isn’t a choice.”

I think Revelations got it wrong – ‘the mark’ and 666 did not refer to either Nero, Social Security Cards or even Electronic Banking.

It was referring to Iris Scanning. (at least so says I, until the next horror invention shows up…)


Technologically at least, I believe we’ve way outgrown our britches.

Any tool that promises safety in the masses, can just as easily be used for control of the masses.

Let’s not forget our founding fathers’ great debate regarding the wisdom of having a standing army.

Or promises of Life Everlasting quickly followed by torture via The Inquisition.

I’m not ready for the security promised by Iris Scanning.  I’m too aware of how past ‘great ideas’ for safety and security didn’t work out so hot.

Social Security, for one.

Electronic banking for another.   Instead of learning how to kick some arse or hand over your purse with $50 in it, you now have the choice of either paying $39.95/month for protection or hoping your credit score and net worth are so poor no one wants to steal your identity.

Phrenology promised to alert us to who is a criminal, thereby protecting us.  It lasted almost 30 years before being debunked as pseudoscience.  How many folks suffered dire consequences because they had lumpy heads?

And what, pray tell, shall I do, if some great scientist proves people with green eyes are socially deviant and a threat to all mankind?


I miss my old cell-phone that was not GPS enabled.  I like keeping hubby in the dark as to whether I’m upstairs reading a book and eating bon-bons or in the kitchen and laundry room, doing my job.

I prefer to handle cash, rather than letting the local bank clerk know I continually overspend at the bookstore.

I’m okay not knowing the answer posted by a  Facebook pal regarding a question about me, because I’m not willing to give access of all my stuff to 3rd party software folks.  I do like getting to reconnect with old pals I had lost touch with.

I’m already surrounded by all kinds of tracking technology, but with carefully planned wild-goose-chase surfing,  US Census incompetency, inconsistent opinions touted via blogging and a lot of fence-walking and contradictions via Facebook posts, there are still ways for me to confuse rule-the-world types or convince them I’m not worthy of any great attention…

Which is, in the end, my preferred place at the end of the day…

Under, Off, or bouncing wildly around the Radar are the only places I feel truly safe.


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