Boycott Call

Today’s surfing revealed that Target is being boycotted.  Seems the picture they painted to encourage people to do business with them is not the same picture created by their political campaign donation choices.

I also visited the 1 for All website – Purpose? Educate and give those who value the First Amendment a place to gather.

I was interested in the section “Right to Petition”. According to the authors, doesn’t get much attention, since right to petition usually includes speaking your mind and gathering with other folks who feel the way you do. (Freedom of Speech and Assembly)


The modern petition seems to work better when utilized in “Boycott” fashion.

To that end, I’m calling on my fellow Americans to Boycott the following:

  • Purchase of any product that is advertised via spam junk mail – if no one buys, they should stop sending.
  • Purchase or donation to any unsolicited telemarketing call – again, no one buys, they can’t justify telemarketer salaries.
  • Doing business with any company who has outsourced their customer service center to a foreign country (It’s our duty!  We just put millions of telemarketers out of work – they need jobs.)

I have loads more, but let’s just start with those three…

2 thoughts on “Boycott Call”

    1. Thanks! “Strength in numbers” is my motto! But we’re going to have to come up with work for all the techies that work to keep spam filters updated….sort of forgot about that part of the plan. LOL


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