Reality Reality

I just have to share with you the text conversation that went on this morning between Hubby and I, while I was writing in outrage over the news of still more government interference in the Raw Milk business – sans illness or complaints.

Me: TGIF or S!  Morning (cute little heart)

Him: Yep.  Morning.  How are you?

Me: Okay.  3 more raw milk dairies raided yesterday, no illness, no complaints, but milk and computers confiscated anyways.

Him: I guess they don’t have to worry about the national id since the fda already knows about them.

Me: U realize if we’re blown back to survivor status only my love and willingness to fight r going to save u from being voted off the farm…

Him: lol


I should be pleased he actually listened while I was explaining about the horrors of the  biometric National ID system (both for animals and us) and remembers who the FDA is and what I said they did.

But no, I must press for more…

For better or worse, I’ve hitched myself for life to an honorable, hard working fellow…who is also a city-slicker. A man who loves my passionate nature, but still rolls his eyes a lot whenever I get all “hepped up” over subjects he deems ‘does not affect us in any way”.

On the flip side, I’m sure he would tell you I’m a country hick who’s always looking for an underdog to support and the opportunity for a fight.

Thick and Thin we’ve argued, laughed, frowned or rolled eyes at each other for over 15 years.  Who says mixed marriages don’t work?


I was born with a ‘take the bull by the horns and give it a black eye’ personality.   Having a Dad both known as a “Good Guy” by neighbors and a “Hard Ass” by boys brave enough to take me on a date, I received  early and continual training in how to speak up and loud when evil is afoot.

Those who despair of my tendency to get excited over social causes, point out I often see Evil where in fact, none exists.

I inform them it does, I just have better long range vision than they do.

In my world, evil manifests one slippery mis-step at a time.


I’ve watched films of Hitler’s early political campaign speeches.  Heck, I probably would have voted for him.  Promising an end to unemployment and hunger, he enthusiastically stirs the crowd with visions of a restored German society (without defining who exactly gets to be a citizen), great public works,  hard work rewarded with abundance and a return to moral values and national pride.

I assume you know how that story turned out…


I must confess I went to bed discouraged last night.   The slow erosion turned flash-flood, stripping our Liberties and Freedoms, is seen as “That’s just how things are.” by some around me.

There are times in the middle of the night when I feel like I’ve somehow drifted into a Reality TV show – where insane activities go on, but I’m cautioned to remember, “It’s just TV.  They do that stuff for the ratings.”

Only, it’s not TV.  It’s my reality.

There are times when I try to come up with solutions.  Be productive instead of just crying “Foul”.   In my search, I find our society so complex, built on such an unsustainable foundation, I really cannot see how to correct anything, short of scratching the whole plan and starting over.

Which means the possibility of several someones getting hurt or suffering in the process.

I’m not really into that.  I’d prefer we find a legal, non-violent, no-one-starves way.

History tells me that rarely works.  Somewhere along the line of great social change, careers get destroyed, folks go hungry or get imprisoned.  Sometimes those crying for change die.


But every morning, I awaken to renewed energy and hope.  I try once more to explain why trading Liberty for Safety is not your best bet.

And that continual trading of your freedoms in the hopes you won’t die often places you at the mercy of those who can enforce, “my way or the highway…to hell…”.

Which means acquiescing or starting over.   Sometimes I think we may end up starting over via national collapse, revolution or natural catastrophes (mother nature’s version of revolt).

Oh well.   Hubby is safe.  As long as he learns dandelions are not weeds to be killed with poison.

I mean, really, I don’t want to have to vote him out of the tribe because he killed the only fresh, nutritious food available in April….


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