Rule through Distraction, Take II

My recent post regarding the distraction power of egg recalls reminded me how effectively the masses of history have been diverted from focusing on the true nature of their existence.

Threats of eternal fire and torture worked for centuries and still holds power over many.

Malnutrition and long work days by laborers have been the status quo since we got numerous enough and technologically advanced enough to specialize.

Having a majority of the actual producers of goods and suppliers of services kept in line through oppression is very profitable for those at the top.  Some examples:

  • Slavery
  • Serfdom
  • Indentured Servants
  • Low Wages coupled with Inflation and  High Interest Credit systems
  • Social class divisions
  • Taxation
  • Nationalized Industries

The working masses are ‘distracted’ from questioning the system they labor under by a variety of means:

  • Promises of eternal reward for those who suffer meekly in this world
  • Guaranteed protection from those who harm
  • Cultural focus on youth, beauty and status symbols
  • Ideology that focuses on Individual freedom, responsibility and choice, leaving the individual with no one to blame but themselves if things go badly.
  • Lavish Entertainment and Leisure activity options
  • Unlimited access to cheap goods via a centralized and complex system that separates the entitled consumer from the woes of the producer by multiple layers.

Think about it…


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