The New Holy War

Okay, so that title seems a little over the top, but truly, for a non-Christian, it does feel like a Holy War to me.

I was amazed at the outrage over the mosque to be built about 6 blocks from ground zero.   No, I haven’t forgotten.  And yes, planes dive-bombing pisses me off too.

And I am proud of those who died in Pennsylvania.  Those who said, “No Way!   You’ll do this over our dead bodies!”

If you’re a loved one of one of those brave souls, please don’t be hurt.   I’ve thought a lot about death.  And quite frankly, standing up for what is right is, to my mind, better than drowning, burning or trying to off  myself.   I could be wrong.   If ever I know for sure, I probably won’t be able to tell you so….


I’ve come to the realization here recently that those who are Christian take their religion seriously.  Although Pope John Paul led the way in opening ‘meaningful and tolerant discussions’ with those of other faiths, this does not seem to have trickled down in any effective way to the general Christian populace.

(I will point out again, trickle down efforts rarely, if ever, work, be it religion, employee moral or government stimulus packages….)

It’s not that I’m against the Christian religion…I was raised in it, for goodness sakes.   But the intolerance, arrogance and “do what I say, not as I do” holier-than-thou attitude of those I’ve recently been in disagreement with (pretty much my entire circle) has left me thinking,

“If this is Love, I’ll do without.”

I’ve also become disillusioned by the whole “Positive Thinking” group, for the same reasons.

You would think once someone was “enlightened”, then they would have compassion, patience and tolerance for those who question or ponder.

Instead, both aforementioned groups seem hell-bent on explaining to me why I’m either in hell, or going to hell….

Well….thanks….that made me feel loads better.  Next time I’m feeling down, I think I’ll go sit in the middle of a cactus patch….


So even though I’m vastly outnumbered, and may, after all, be wrong, I’ve decided to come out of the closet, if you will.

I’m not even sure there is a label I can claim.

I’m not an atheist.  I’m not totally an agnostic.  I don’t fit into any of the current religions.   I’m not a pure scientist….

So, since I don’t fit any of the current labels, I guess I’ll just make up my own….



And since I’m making it all up as I go, here’s the Dogma you must buy into, if you’re to be a Zeeblur too.

  • There is an awesome and beautiful intelligence in the Universe.
  • Do Unto others as you would have them do unto you, but realize what you really want and what they really want are often 2 different things.
  • Betray None.
  • Betrayal of Self is Betrayal Nonetheless.
  • People Before Things.
  • Time does not matter – Never wait ’til tomorrow for a “Do Over”
  • Plan for tomorrow, but live as if you’ll never see it.
  • There is no “perfect” family, mate or job.   It only becomes perfection when you own it and make it so.
  • Right Now is Wonderful and  if it doesn’t appear so, you’ve only to ask for help or choose to make it better.
  • Never stop asking for help.   Don’t Give Up.
  • Ignoring the suffering of others in the attempt to pretend all is perfect is not helping anyone.
  • Sometimes saying No is the greatest gift you can give someone AND sometimes, you’re just not up to the task of saying yes.   Be aware of which you’re choosing.
  • Your No today may be the last time someone had the strength to ask.
  • We’re All In this Together – – And none of us will make it out alive.
  • If you watch the sunset and think about all the sun has seen today, most likely, your woes are not so big after all.
  • If your woes are big, then there are other Zeeblurs that care, love and are storming the gates of heaven for you.
  • You Are Not Alone.
  • There is always another Zeeblur who has food, clothes and shelter.  If you want to be a millionaire, well, Zeeblurs are pretty smart and maybe you can co-own a business……


What?!?  You think I plagiarized?   Well, get over it.   Religions the world over have, “stood on the shoulders of the giants before them.”

I’m just taking the best of what I know and putting it all together.  And some of the not so best, but trying to make it reasonable for the average person to follow….


I said once, about 13 years ago, that I would like to start my own religion.  Neighbor/friend told me not to think that way.

Bad Karma…said he.

Well, I took one thing out and I think the Karma will be okay now….

I’m not passing around a collection plate….

You can’t buy your way to Zeeblur Heaven.

That takes care of that….

Good Manners

So, I’ve taken a break from blogging.  All because I realized we all have our opinions, and most times, the only people that want to hear yours are those who already agree with you, so what’s the point?

But I had to post tonight, because I’ve been aware of a weird phenomena for quite awhile.  Really aware since I found out more folks are interested in reading about my smoking habit than are about pending legislation regarding free internet, food and supplement choices….

I’ve observed when I post something stupid on Facebook regarding either a kamikaze fly in my beer, or how I’ve lost over 200K in play money on poker, I get all kinds of “comments”, but when I post something regarding religion, politics or what have you,

Nil, Zip, Nada, Zero….

Which reminds me again why I’m an outcast ….

I also don’t “do” daytime TV or reality shows….


What is it, exactly?  Does no one else think about important (IMHO) stuff, or are they too polite to talk about it?

Are they afraid to have their first “facebook fight” or do they figure I’m probably drunk and grieving and won’t think about it tomorrow?


For the record, I’m not a Christian… Simply because I believe in order to be one, you have to believe Jesus died for your sins.

I don’t believe that.

I believe Jesus lived and did all kinds of wonderful things.

I believe in a higher power.  I was raised to call this power God.

I believe wisdom to be found in the Bible.

But I just cannot go around professing that Jesus died for my sins.

I figure he died BECAUSE of the sins (wrong thinking) of those who lived at the time he did.

So, because of that, I finally, after 18+ years of thinking about it, had to decide, I cannot call myself a Christian.

Some may call this a technicality.

I call it being true.


Because of this, my loyalties are perhaps not as strong as those around me think they ought to be.   For example, I took a pretty unpopular stance on the whole “mosque within 6 blocks of ground zero” debate….

One person asked me how I could support those who believe the end will come via “a fire to erase the earth” (according to them, Muslim thinking).

My reply?

“Sounds pretty similar to Armegeddon to me.   Isn’t there something in Revelations about fire?”

No, I don’t win many popularity contests.


I would hazard it’s nearly as hard today to be non-Christian, as it was in Constantine’s empire shortly after he “saw the light.”

If you’re non-Christian today, you run the risk of being Un-American.  Or at least in the geographical and social circle I run in.

If it’s not true for you, Congratulations!


It’s not that I don’t believe in Evil or that I am relieved of duty when it comes to fighting Evil.  It’s just that I see Evil committed by those called Christian just as much as I see it in others.   In fact, the worst screwings (figuratively) I ever took was from someone who assured me they were “Christian” as soon as I met them.

Which means now, if someone says that to me, I run for the hills.


So here I sit, a law abiding, tax-paying, organic eating, local shopping, one-car, use efficiency light bulbs, cigarette smoking, non-Christian.

I tell you, life is not always easy on this side of the fence…

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