Really Supporting Our Troops

Last week I was introduced to a friend of a friend – who spent 12 years in the Air Force – who is very proud of his service and REALLY on the Freedom Bandwagon.   He also spent some time in the service of Air Force One – –  (he can’t really talk about it, but he had an opportunity to be around those near the top – maybe, maybe not, but who am I to say?)

He and I have differing points of view on many things, but there was one statement I made that received a high-five from him:

“If we, as a nation, would modify our daily lives to be less dependent on foreign goods/resources, I don’t think we would be ‘going to war’ quite as often as we do.”

Where we parted ways, was his passion to bring Freedom to folks in other countries who were in danger of getting shot if they spoke their mind.   While I, too, wish all humankind the freedoms we have here, history tells me we often to go to war protecting our rights/interests FIRST (if we can free the local populace from tyranny at the same time, then that’s just icing on the cake.)

Yes, I’m cynical – but truly, there are evils and oppression, starvation and disease every day of  the week – all around the globe – I do not believe “Spreading Freedom” is always our first agenda for military action in other countries – Until I have some kind of reassurance that REALLY is the first reason, well, then, I’m cautious about getting on the Freedom bandwagon.

Since all the data around wars doesn’t fully come to light until everyone responsible for starting them has been dead 20 or more years, I don’t know when I’ll have all the info I most need in order to gauge whether my cynicism is well founded or not.

But given my current perspective, I believe most wars are started over resources – With all the resources we have here in this country, I have to ask, what could we possibly need from somewhere else?   From the freedom to innovate (one of Mr. Air Force’s main points) to Sunshine, Wind and Water, we have so many opportunities in this country to be at the forefront sustainable living – of utilizing the resources in our own back yard to greatest effect AND then sharing our extra with those less fortunate than we.


Until we, as Americans, decide to make changes in our daily lives that transition us to living within our local means – –  there will continue to be a host of holidays where many families will do without their military loved one’s presence.

And there will be more funerals.

And in the end, were they fighting for the basic human rights each individual deserves?

Or were they fighting to make sure I can drive my SUV next week?

Let’s give our gallant lads and ladies a gift this Christmas – let’s vow to consume less, get our consumables locally and support companies with the same ideals.  Let’s take our Freedom to Innovate and create affordable options to utilize solar, wind and geo-thermal resources.

Let’s have everyone home by next Christmas.

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