Big Brother is Watching…

But he is apparently color- blind…


Today’s saga starts with Hubby checking the mail.   And coming upstairs, where I’m in creative genius mode working on quilts.   He announces,

“You got a ticket for running a red light.   $100 fine.”

My insta-repsonse was, “No f*****g Way!!”

But sure enough, there is the print out, with pics, fuzzy blurred enlargement of a white license plate with the same number as mine….

On a green Ford Expedition…

At an intersection somewhere in Illinois, called “SW Hwy and Harlem Ave”…..

On Dec. 2nd at approximately 11:57 a.m.

Funny – I drive a white Ford Explorer with a license plate that has green mountains at the top and I haven’t been within 500 miles of Illinois since 2007.

But, still and all, I’ve gotten a ticket for running a red light….


The Chicago Illinois Red Light Violation Enforcement system has a website.   You can go there, put in your violation number and look at all their “evidence”.  Which is handy, because my “Dismiss these Charges Immediately, Ya Dork” letter benefited from having Attachment A showing a dark green Ford Expedition and Attachment B showing my white Ford Explorer (with, I might add, a CU Buffs decal in the back window…and not as fancy of rims as their pic shows….and my car is dirtier…..)


Fortunately, I was at acupuncture at the time the violation occurred and Hubby was at training with 50 other law enforcement officers, so we also have verifiable alibis.

Still, I’m torqued.   An hour of my time to write my “I’m innocent” letter, take pics, copy and paste said pics, locate their image of violation vehicle online, etc.    Add to that the cost of Certified Mail (ya don’t think I’m stupid enough to mail something to a bureaucracy without proof it arrived, do ya?), the paper and ink costs, plus I enclosed an addressed envelope for them to send my requested Written Confirmation of Dismissal notice.   I DID NOT put a stamp on the envelope, because their enclosed envelope didn’t include postage, so why should mine?


I objected to the camera enforcement at intersections when it first started.   And I still object.

Now I just have firsthand evidence of why we should all object.


UPDATE: 05/03/11 – Sometime about 3 weeks ago (April time frame) I received notification the charges had been ‘dismissed’ – they did not use the envelope I had included.   They did not say why it was necessary for me to respond prior to December 17th (15 days for me to do my stuff) but it took them nearly 5 months to investigate and mail me the dismissal.  They also did not say my name/date of birth was in the clear, just that my vehicle was.

Que-Sera, Sera…..


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