Working, Fighting and Praying

I’m immersed in “The Terror of History” course and found the following interesting:

“In early medieval Europe, (circa 1000) there were roughly three classes of people: 5% of the population had stores of weapons and fought, either to conquer or defend – 5% were in the Church, praying for God’s protection and bounty.

The other 90% toiled in the fields – their job was to feed everyone – though not bound by chains, they were tied to their fields and work by necessity and the simple fact there was nowhere else to go.

Around the 12th century, there arose another class – those who manufactured goods and engaged in trade.   The development of this class lead to wide-sweeping changes in culture; the perception of time became less cyclical and more linear; Time became Money and various groups attempted to gain power through the control of Money.  The merchant/trading class desired to wrest power from the Fighting Nobles class and became the leading supporters of monarchs and their armies.

And still, the 85% percent vassal class, toiled in the fields to feed the other 15% of the population fighting with each other to gain power”


I’ve heard that dedicated soldiers will march and fight on empty bellies.   General Washington and the Continental Army come first to mind as an example.    But they cannot continue to do so for long.

I’m again astounded by how those who toil to feed the population always end up on the bottom rung of society in so many time periods throughout history.   As soon as we become successful enough as a group to not have to spend 18 hours a day just surviving, we seem to boot those who ensure our survival right into the pit of “lower class”.  Only in the face of great desperation, do the peasant masses gather together with pitchforks and clubs to revolt against the elite classes they greatly outnumber.


As a species, we do this time, after time, after time.

I say we break the cycle and try something different…

Know your Farmer and Rancher – Buy Direct.  Pay them what the wholesale brokers refuse too.  Add your voice to theirs in defiance of Legislation that is geared towards obliterating the small family farm.

We can make a difference.


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