Deactivating Facebook

Pre-bed routine for me is logging onto Facebook, checking to see how the world treated my circle of friends today – the joys, the heartaches, etc.   Even had a heart-warming quote to post….

But after I read through today’s posts (which is easy, because I don’t have many friends….) I ended up deactivating my account.   And after sleeping on the decision, will most likely delete my account tomorrow.

For the past few months, I’ve been alerted by my savvy Facebook friends, about new information sharing upgrades that automatically “Opt-You-In” rather than letting you choose to Opt-In.

Yes, Yes, Facebook developers…I know….I can go to Account Settings>Subcategory>drift through 3 or 4 pages>find what I don’t want>choose “Opt-Out”>watch your little video or read your text file explaining why I’m really being an idiot because I don’t want you sharing everything I’m fine with my friends seeing, but don’t really want pedophiles and robber barons (or any elected politician)  viewing>Click Continue to pass up another opportunity for you to explain to me why I’m paranoid, don’t understand the software or just to old of a geezer, and really, I should just trust that you have my best interests at heart>enter my password>enter the fuzzy, graphically skewed anti-fraud words>click Yes, I’m sure>Click Yes, I really am Damn Sure>

And after all that – my account is deactivated.  If I want to delete it, I have to ‘submit a request’ – which has even fuzzier, graphically skewed words and I’m sure NASA pilots with 100/100 vision  couldn’t make out the words…..

What a joke.


I’ve teased about ‘being under the radar” for a long time- as someone who struggled to become debt free after being unemployed in 2002, I don’t have credit cards and no one with a brain would want my identity.   I would have been better off filing for bankruptcy, but que sera, sera, I’m within 6 months of getting the last one of 6 paid off and I wouldn’t get another credit card to save my soul – –

I am unemployed, so no one is interested in my bank account.

My hubby would say “You can keep her” when the ransom call came, so kidnapping me is a waste of time for the easy money crowd.

I’ve systematically sold everything that has no use for me, but others value, so unless you’re desperately seeking sprouted wheat, peat moss or a garage full of seedling containers then I’m pretty safe from robbery.  (Hey!  I see your greedy eyes perusing my grain grinder…..)

My son knows self-defense and I taught him to scream bloody murder or fight you to the death in front of witnesses, rather than out somewhere quiet, so he’s pretty safe, too.

Hubby is a cop and has a gun…he’ll just shoot your happy ass.  (And I’d really have to think hard about whether I’d pay ransom for him either….)

Given all this, why should I care if my info is spread around?

Surprise…I really don’t.

It’s the Principal of the Thing.


A couple of years ago, I visited with a web-hoster/developer/designer personage.   He told me a customer once asked him to put up a page for folks to “opt-in” to his mailing list – then customer decided, no wait, automatically opt them in, put “opt-out” link in real small print at the bottom of the page.   THEN customer decided, hey, why make it easy for them to opt out?  Don’t give ’em a choice at all.

Needless to say, that customer had to find another web guru – -Yes, I know, I hang around with great people….


I’m always talking about the power of boycotting.  I also frequently spout about making governments and businesses sit up and take notice – they only exist and have a paycheck because WE choose to support them.

So far, they aren’t really listening…..

Or maybe, the cry isn’t loud enough yet.


So, I ask you to join me in the boycott of Facebook, until they agree to make all new Upgrades for sharing your shit all over cyber-space “Opt-In” not “Opt-Out” designed.

Not that I really hold out much hope….

Someday I’ll tell you about my boycott of Dodge – still don’t own one and never will…but, sigh…they are still in business….


It just occurred to me that since I don’t follow the mainstream news much, I’m probably unaware that WordPress was bought out by Facebook and you’ll never even see this article…..

Fine Print Disclaimer: The Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and the majority of other Social Media users, but do not represent facts as determined by the online corporations mentioned.
As for Dodge: mechanic Terry, Service Manager Dave and Customer Service Rep Ralph all agreed with me that your 1995 Neon’s Throttle body was made out of shitty parts. You knew they were because you had issued a technical bulletin on them.  They also sadly informed me your Diamond Customer Service wouldn’t do crap even though the entire car EXCEPT for the throttle body was only 6 months into it’s 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty, because the problem wasn’t so bad someone had died from it and therefore, no one could force you to order a recall (to save your cheap company from bad press and total ruination)….Your customer service consisted of, “Send in a letter, but it won’t do you any good”
Did you really think I’d forget all this in a mere 15 years?
Remember the marketing rep that told you a dissatisfied customer will tell 10 people?   I promised you I would tell at least 10 people a year and I’ve way surpassed my meager promise….
Facebook …you’re next…..

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