Living the Ideal

Once, someone I love dearly (who is so different from me) said:

“Yes, Tamrah, we All Think About those things…But We Don’t Feel The Need to Talk About Them!”

And yet, once more, I shall talk (write) about that which is dearest to my heart…


Possessing a life experience in excess of 40 years means I understand having Ideals and living up to them are two different things.  I also have pondered for nearly three decades, what, exactly, gives us our ideals.   I no longer believe our deep seated ideals to be explained by genetics, religion, culture, government or physiology.   Rather, I believe our aspiration to high ideals to be some miracle (or perhaps mutation) so ingrained in the very being of our humanism that it continues to elude definition.

For myself, I rather like the paraphrase of a quote from the movie, Kingdom of Heaven:

Be without fear in the face of your enemies,

Be brave and upright that all the Universe may love Thee

Speak the truth, even if it leads to your death

Safeguard the helpless

That is your oath

(Big Slap on Your Face, from me)

And that is so you remember it

Yes, yes, I wrote this whole blog, just so I could slap you in the face without consequences….did you really think to find the Truth here?!?


Throughout the centuries, the arts have tugged at our heartstrings – the magnificent architecture and tributes to gods, Michelangelo’s David , the music that lifts us to orgasmic heights, the haunting beauty and mystery of Mona Lisa, the stirring sonnets and speeches made by saints, madmen and Hollywood script writers….

We are drawn to that which is noble or at least gives a good impression of it.   Anything that stands for balance, beauty and harmony is the Siren’s song to our Sailor’s Heart.  Not because our parents were strict, or of specific social status, nationalism or religion.   Not because someone with a bigger army or more gold than us told us to.   Not because it’s cool, in fashion or fiscally savvy.  For some indefinable reason, we yearn for and are comforted by that which is the greatest gift humans possess – the chance to dream of and strive for a better tomorrow.   Without fur, claws, sharp teeth or the ability to swim continually without sleep, we instead inherited compassion and the desire to ‘do better’ as our gift from the gods.

What is it about our DNA that longs for that which surpasses our everyday routine?   What changes and mutations drive us to work towards greater morrows, even when we are wading neck deep in offings of our own making?   I know not, and anyone who tells you they do know is either a liar, self-deluded or a fool.  They may know what is true for them – they simply cannot tell you what is true for you.

Perhaps our knowledge that deeds can long outlast our physical body has seduced us into high ideals as yet another path to the fable of immortality.

Who knows?  But questing after my ideal world and doing what I can to bring it about, still outshines other current options of what to do with myself when Sunday afternoon rolls around…

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