Dear Mr. Ron Paul

Dear Mr. Ron Paul,

A month ago I replied to your call for support by signing the Pledge of Support and in lieu of contributing gazillions of dollars via your PayPal button, I sent  what I could; a heart felt email, (less than 500 words, so your busy schedule could accommodate reading it) with my support for your candidacy, how disappointed my 17 year old son and I were when you didn’t make the primary last time around (oh, and mentioned the fact that my 17 year old is dead now…) and offered my content writing, website building and envelope stuffing skills to your campaign, Free of Charge.  Gave you what I had to give.

Next day, I get an email from you stating “I haven’t heard from you”.

Apparently, your website guru (who managed to put up your 4 page (content poor) Liberty website, sans working links (other than the button for money contributions) also failed to run a query based on those who signed your damned pledge and offered your campaign free labor – Funny – In 24 hours or less, I could have put up a much more convincing, content rich site for you, but …….

Since you are obviously only interested in getting money, I also assume you think you need at least $5 million or so, in order to run for president and “Fix this country”. (I’m naive, I actually think $5 million can make huge differences – probably because I don’t have “private jet, personal body guard or penthouse suite” expense lines on my proposed budget….)

Given this request, I find it interesting that those currently in power need just a little more money from me to be able to save our economy by saving inefficient corporations from bankruptcy and by giving CEO’s million dollar bonus checks – because if we keep corporations afloat, they can maximize costs by laying off 18,000 workers whose tax dollars saved their ass.   Those same tax dollars aided one or more billionaires in laying off 20,000 workers and hiring 5 or so additional house-helpers at minimum wage for their beach house.  Thank God you all are saving this country from the top down.  I was worried for a moment.

So my question is,

“What makes you any different from those already in power and why should I trade them for you?”


You all make me sick.   The only true wealth is in the natural resources our country (which includes manhours and the ingenuity of the 90% of us who work to keep the 10% of you ruling and spiritual class afloat).

Oh, by the way – after trying to unsubscribe from your email list these past 3 weeks, I’m still getting emails from you.

So, I told Yahoo mail server that anything from you is Spam.

I have unsubscribed twice a week for the past month – You are now also in violation of legislation passed to punish those who ignore internet protocol.

I believe the fine per incident is $10,000.  Which means you owe me $80,000 – because I’ve been told I have “Successfully Unsubscribed” eight times, but I still get your BS in my inbox…

I won’t provide you with my address, but you could make the check out to “American Working Class, Tax Paying Peasant Who Supports those who Think They Are Too Good For Working but are okay with Ruling”

I don’t count on ever seeing that money….

That’s okay – I understand,

There’s one law for you and a different one for me and other working class Americans.


Do Not Expect My Vote for Any of You “grass roots, we’re going to change things if only we have a $30 million campaign budget”!   Push me much further and you can expect me to organize a peaceful rally – – I see you’ve really cut Military Pay AND the rest of us are so broke, we can’t make up through discounts, freebies, donations, what you should have paid the military for going and doing your dirty work for you….

I’m thinking my own National Guardsmen may not be too enthusiastic to follow orders when you ask them to shoot the people who have been trying to make up for what their government failed to do…

And if not, Death is starting to look a lot better than paying any more taxes to you vultures.

Oh, and apparently, you aren’t well-versed in history –

If you truly want to succeed, please read what happened to Roman emperors who didn’t pay their armies and what happened to the aristocracy in Europe when Black Death paid a visit .  A good review of the era of the Crusades and recent events in Egypt may also help you.  If you take the time to learn the events from December 31, 1928 through December 31, 1929, you will see why the meltdown of 2008 happened and why stealing tax payer dollars to save Wall Street will, AGAIN, not work in the long term.   (Well, granted, it works to make gazillionaires out of a few and sticks the other 99.8% of us and our offspring for 3 generations with the bill….)  Sooner or later, though, you will learn:

If all the Peasants die, there is nothing for you to eat, oversee, commandeer or tax.   In other words, without US there is no YOU.

You Will Lose  if you continue in your present course – – it’s only a matter of time.

Cuz there are more of us working stiffs than there are of you arrogant ruling wannabes.

Please take 2 or more weeks out of your campaign to learn some history.   I, in my own arrogance, expect a sincere, personal apology from you and others of your ilk to the entire working class of America –

Again, I don’t expect it… but the comforting thing for you to know is, given the chance, I will do my best to see you lose – but I would never let your children go hungry, even if it meant giving them my share….

The ethics and compassion of the working class are richer than anything you will ever gain from donations – which is why, in the long run, we will survive and you won’t.



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