Sleeping Beauty and Mother’s Day

I realized today the last time I had optimum health was when I slept in and took naps.

When I first entered the phase of life where I could take a mid-day nap whenever I wanted to (after 4 years of age!), I was 39 years old.   I had been working at some paying job for 26 years.   I had been a parent for 15.  I no longer had small child units in the house that required night feedings or constant protection from electric sockets, sharp instruments or each other.

I had it made.


I now live in a home that has two responsible adults and one almost adult child unit.  You would think I could take a nap without worrying.  I haven’t done so and after another frenzied period of trying to  “do it all”, I’m tired.   I’m taking a nap this weekend.  And I once again vow to shape a daily life that allows sleeping in or taking a nap when my body needs extra time to repair all the mortar shocks I’ve given it during the day.

(Coffee, Nicotine and Beer are my self-medication tools of choice to stave off or repair mortar shocks…

 I decided to learn how to make my own traditional Egyptian beer – hey, those who built the pyramids were paid in bread and beer – what great things I might aspire to if I just get the beer making down…I’ve done the bread thing for 6 years now – no pyramids in site.  The key must be the beer…)


I’d love to take a nap, but Mother Nature is waking up and unlike a 2-year old, she can really make good on her threats.   (If I don’t have lettuce seed in the ground this weekend, Armageddon will surely occur.)

So going without extra sleep seems the best option right now – I really want to eat a salad out of my own garden.


My own mother told me to sleep in.

Mother Nature just texted me.  She said two hours won’t make a difference to her, the lettuce seed or the universe.   But she thinks it may make a difference to me.  I’ve been instructed to sleep in tomorrow.

Thanks, Moms.

I love you so much, and really appreciate all you do for me.

I’ll try really hard to do my part so you don’t think you spoiled me too much.

Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for letting me sleep in.

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