Facebook Update

I’m signed up as a freelance writer with quite a few sites.   I also frequently check the ‘writer jobs’ section of Craigs list – who knows, maybe one of my neighbors needs content for their website and do not have the time or talent to do it themselves…

This week my eye was caught by the word “Facebook” in listings and project descriptions quite a bit…which means I simply must do an update on my decision to leave Facebook.


It appears there are folks willing to pay you to write blogs/content for them, AND they want you to advertise the stuff you wrote on your Social Media account – (after they have put their name as the byline on what you wrote…)

There were also a couple of requests this week for articles pertaining to the dangers of Facebook addiction and how to break it (the addiction, not Facebook).


Apparently at least one person in the world believes Facebook addiction exists and wants to share with all the evil that will spread unless this problem is addressed – they just don’t know how to write about it.

Or perhaps, they’ve come up with a new pill or seminar that tells folks how to break an addiction they didn’t even know they had…all for only $49.95 plus $119 shipping and handling….

Who knows?


So while I’m missing out on spending an hour or so of my time and talent to make $15-$20 bucks ghost writing for someone else, then posting the link on my Facebook page, I’m still a non-Facebooker – –

Quite frankly, because I do not quite yet need money so bad I can back down on my principal.

Also, I may have traded my Facebook addiction for a WordPress one….

(Hey!  Business opportunity alert!   Need a pill or self-help class/book for those addicted to blogging and reading the blogs of others….)


Addicted is probably over-stating it.   I can go quite awhile without writing or reading at WordPress without feeling traumatized.   But I do prefer this experience to the FB one – –

Mainly because WordPress seems more suited to my 3-day style that sometimes gets overwhelmed by the 3-second world I live in.

Being logged into Facebook meant I kept looking to see who said what and felt the need to reply quickly – or being overwhelmed by the number of posts to scroll through when I had been away for awhile.   Must read them all – I might miss something important…

Bloggers write, post and even if you comment 3 months later, they are fine with that – they weren’t really expecting to hear from you anyways…


Cruising through blogs courtesy of WordPress means several things:

  • I can hook up with people who think like I do or can give me a new perspective
  • I can post feed-back via comments and read what others have to say without demanding they be my friend
  • I can put my blog address in my comment, so if anyone cares what I think, they can click and find out
  • I do not have to face the trauma of being de-friended because people got tired of me filling their iPhone screen with my over-analyzing whatever topic I’m currently into instead of just politely posting little updates like “going to work”, “eating”, “stuck in traffic”, “jerk driver in front of me” – – you get the idea.
  • I can write as much as I want – no character limitations – – (this is probably the number 1 priority, actually)

And I can do this all without having to reactivate my Facebook account.



There are those in my circle who have asked for me to please return to Facebook – they miss interacting with me.  Yes, I miss them too, but I have a phone, email and mailing address -for some,  we live 10 miles from each other, for goodness sake.

It’s easier for them to tweet or ping me from their computer when their boss isn’t looking than it is to try to find time for a phone call or visit, I guess.

Which brings me to another realization of why I continue in my boycott of Facebook – the lifestyle that makes Facebook an attractive option is not a lifestyle I want.

When did we create a system where making a living left little time over to have a life?

I also wonder why we aren’t re-designing our society to allow for afternoon visits, long phone calls or letter/email writing, instead of  desperately reaching out to connect with each other in 10 words or less during our bathroom break at the salt mine.

Inquiring minds want to know.


There are 24 hours in a day – today, my day off from the salt mine, was spent so far as follows:

  • 6 hours sleeping,
  • 3 hours making bread (reading/writing/commenting while the bread raises, then bakes)
  • I’m thinking about 5 hours will be spent this afternoon and evening connecting with those I live with and those I don’t, but can drive for 5 minutes and have an in-person chat with.

That leaves me 6 hours left over in which to garden, talk on the phone, start a fermenting project, build a frame for drying sprouted wheat, do housework or just sit around pondering the universe.

(Yes, I can do basic math – the four hours unaccounted for are for sleeping – I started my tally from midnight and I like getting 10 hours of sleep whenever possible….)

Now if I can figure out how to make that 24 hour day pay for my continued existence, I’ll have it made.

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