Garden Dreams 2011

Massive overloading of myself with projects and plans to keep me busy with projects through June resulted in me not posting pictures and progress of the gardening project as well as I might have.   Nevertheless, here I am, with plenty of time to post the latest on the garden:

Garden after 15 minute hail storm June 17, 2011

After such a dry winter and spring, we finally got 4-5 inches of moisture.   In the form of pea-to-marble sized hail.

Doncha just love Colorado?


On the flip side, I assume I must accept responsibility – – I had asked if we could please just skip June for awhile, so apparently, Mother Nature took me at my word.   The landscape that Friday afternoon looked like a spring snow storm had passed through and my garden is now soaked and bare, waiting for me to start planting.   (Mind you, rewinding back to March/April time frame was not my idea when I requested skipping June)

Second Storm Headed our Way

Granted, she did leave a single, long stem white rose to remind me that she does love me and thinks of me as a friend:

3 Blooms Left and a long-stem white rose

All in all, I guess next time I won’t ask to interfere with her calendar or plans – –

My brother, the sod farmer, called to see if we were okay – apparently the news was reporting quite a few tornadoes spotted around us, though I didn’t know, because I was too busy shoveling hail to keep the front patio from flooding.  (mounds of hail apparently block water drainage much more than snow…who knew?)

First Pass with Snow Shovel
First Pass with Snow Shovel

I called him back after engineering overflow channels to items we actually want watered:

Watering the Tree, instead of the Patio

Notice the highly technical use of mounded hail and a kitchen funnel – who needs gray tape?

My brother, bless his heart, gave a resounding, “That’s the spirit!” when I choked out,

Ah well, there’s 119 days left, hopefully, before the first hard frost and I’ve still got about $200 worth of seed.

So as soon as this cold front moves out and the wind dies down to a dull roar, I’ll be back out in the garden – planting and hoping.


P.S. Had to post the gardening knowledge I learned:

  • Be careful what you ask of Mother Nature, she does listen
  • If we could learn to live off weeds, we would have it made!  They are fine and dandy.
  • Manicured lawns withstand hail storms much better than vegetables and flowers.

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