The Aftermath

With the sun shining and temperatures above 50, I decided to walk out and survey the actual garden damage – which netted some uplifting news.

Three peppers survived, thanks to the hail knocking down the lids of the #10 cans that had been placed around them at transplanting:

One of three peppers that survived

And I mis-reported previously – the white flowers are peonies, not roses (flowers are not my strong point) – those bushes not only have blooms but are full of buds ready to go forth and beautify:

Gratitude for Bloomin' Miracles

The onions look like they’ll pull through (all 36 of em’):

Hardy Onions

Not too convinced any of the 40 tomatoes will:

New Growth in the Forecast?

On the plus side, not all the seed I had planted of various things had emerged from the last new moon planting phase.   Take a gander at the soybeans that made their appearance after Friday’s storm:

Yellow Leaves means: A. Too much Moisture B.Too Cold or C.Shocking start on life

The perennial blue flax dared to start blooming again:

Blue Flax's comeback tour

And always heartening to see how petrified wood survives the chaos around it:

Petrified Wood - In for the Long Haul

All in all, very grateful for Mother Nature’s reminders to keep your chin up, nothing is ever a total wash and miracles do happen.


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