What happens when you die?

After years of pondering, I no longer have to wonder.  My 13 year old informed me.

Here ya go:

Thank goodness I now Know!   (and I sing a wicked 99 bottles of beer on the wall tune!)


P.S. I refuse, REFUSE to believe this will be my afterlife – – however, if our thoughts do create our reality, then apparently, this will be my afterlife – – after all, can’t leave the son wandering around eternity by himself, ya know.

P.S.S.  Son decided my version of the afterlife is much better than his (pool, pizza, warm weather, everyone is tan and looking fabulous, no pain, no heartache, Jesus stopped by for a slice and a homemade brew (ginger beer, not beer-beer, just so ya know)

Thank goodness I’m able to use logic, reason and good feelings to steer folks away from a sorry state of afterlife….

Xbox – please come up with a valid reason to live well before you die – – – not much I would give up or avoid if the only version of afterlife, is Halo Reach’s version….c’mon, give me something to work towards…..

P.S.P.S. Son has been informed that at least 10 other people in the world will know about our conversation tonight regarding the afterlife.  He asked that I add, in the interest of full disclosure, the blood on the camera, is not real……it’s just graphics….

(don’t I have awesome kids?)



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