Nic-Addicts (and reformed ones) Unite

In my effort to keep my quitting smoking saga updated, here’s the latest.   Still vaping and have my supplies nailed down, so no ‘real cigs desperation smoking’ while waiting for the postman to arrive.

Designed a business card with info, web addresses, etc., to hand out to folks when I’m out and about (got tired of writing it down for every “I want to quit smoking” person who asked).

Thanks to the wonderful community at e-cigarette-forum, today I read a study published in Journal of Public Health Policy, 2010.

The following quote appears near the end of page 12 and beginning of page 13:

(This quote, IMHO, says it all)

In light of this evidence, it is unfortunate that in the United States, the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Action on Smoking and Health, American Legacy Foundation, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence have all issued statements supporting FDA efforts to take them off the US market. In the United States, the courts will ultimately determine whether the FDA has the legal authority to do this, but we question the ethical and health policy merits of this approach.

If smoking, quitting smoking, public health or FDA power topics are on your list of “like to be in the know”, you will take time to read this report.

For me, it was a godsend- I started ‘vaping’ (using the electronic cigarette) in January of 2011.  I have steadily decreased my nicotine intake since, even though popular propaganda outlets have inspired those who do not know me (passer-bys) to inform me they are useless in quitting smoking – I beg to differ.  Last mix of e-juice got me down to 16mg of nicotine (from my starting level of 36) – not too shabby!  Not sure I’ll make the 12/31/2011 goal of being nicotine free, but okay with that.

During these 8 months, I’ve also been instrumental in converting 4 friends from cigs to the electronic version – all are happy with their results.   For the life of me, I had a hard time finding US based studies and reports – and really didn’t feel I needed them until about 3 months ago when, I swear, nearly everyone I knew started asking me if they were “safe”.

I can only surmise this questioning coincided with some media release by the FDA, touting their commitment to saving us from ourselves.

If you wonder about the safety, the use of and contents of the e-cig, I suggest you read this 16 page study.   Don’t faint – it’s a quick easy read and many tables showing the stats – if you think you’re in for a long, boring, dry read, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

And another surprise…

Due to gardening, food preservation and a case of the ‘pissed-offs’, I haven’t blogged much lately.  So imagine my amazement when I published my latest post, to find this friendly and pleasing WordPress publish confirmation greeting my writing efforts this a.m.:

This is your 125th post. Dope! This post has 234 words.

Now, I’ll freely admit I’m in a funk and not too much fun to be around right now.   But is it really necessary to call me a dope when I at least made the effort to share news?


Reminds me of the time I was building/launching databases (2005).  For the test run of the database by a user who had chronic problems with reading/following instructions, I put customized warning messages in:

Are you REALLY sure you want to duplicate 1.5 gazillion records, you nincompoop?

Are you SURE you want to delete the records you just added, moron?

Did you really READ the last warning, or did you just close the irritating pop-up that said you are getting ready to mass publish over 350 wrong records?

Ain’t it funny how long it can take for karma to circle around….

Update – since I posted twice in one day (or because I mentioned WordPress, who knows?), my posting confirmation for this piece read as follows:

This is your 126th post. Brilliant! This post has 193 words.

I need Facebook to Boycott?

I enjoyed reading Howard Schultz’s letter concerning how to create an upward spiral, both for the economy and the citizens of our country.  Calling for a boycott of political donations and pledges for businesses to expand, hire and innovate to break the cycle of fear, he’s already gotten over 500 pledges for boycotting political donations and 100 for job creation/expansion.

Sounds like a fine idea to some – corporate blackmail of the government by others – – Me?  Well, seeing as how I’m unemployed, over-qualified to sling hash and under-qualified to head up the colonial expansion team to Mars…well, it sounds good to me…

However, I was dismayed to find out the only way I can pledge is if I’m a Facebook user.

Over the past few months, I’ve missed out on deals, sales and coupons because of my Facebook boycott.  Sigh… But to find a grassroots campaign, run solely on Facebook – well, that did grab my attention.  Especially when I also found a top news thread indicating Facebook has instituted new privacy controls.

Hmmm…. very interesting.   How do you think this all played out?  Did Mr. Schultz, eager to launch his “Boycott Political Donations until elected leaders do what they are paid to do”, told Facebook, “Hey!  I’ll run the whole Upward Spiral Platform via you, but first, get your privacy controls fixed.”

Maybe.  Maybe not.   But interesting news this a.m., all the same.

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