And another surprise…

Due to gardening, food preservation and a case of the ‘pissed-offs’, I haven’t blogged much lately.  So imagine my amazement when I published my latest post, to find this friendly and pleasing WordPress publish confirmation greeting my writing efforts this a.m.:

This is your 125th post. Dope! This post has 234 words.

Now, I’ll freely admit I’m in a funk and not too much fun to be around right now.   But is it really necessary to call me a dope when I at least made the effort to share news?


Reminds me of the time I was building/launching databases (2005).  For the test run of the database by a user who had chronic problems with reading/following instructions, I put customized warning messages in:

Are you REALLY sure you want to duplicate 1.5 gazillion records, you nincompoop?

Are you SURE you want to delete the records you just added, moron?

Did you really READ the last warning, or did you just close the irritating pop-up that said you are getting ready to mass publish over 350 wrong records?

Ain’t it funny how long it can take for karma to circle around….

Update – since I posted twice in one day (or because I mentioned WordPress, who knows?), my posting confirmation for this piece read as follows:

This is your 126th post. Brilliant! This post has 193 words.


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