About time something was Occupied…

I’ve watched with growing interest the news on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I see enough people are now in the straits my family found themselves in years ago, and perhaps, the critical mass has been reached where something may be done.  (you know, the whole 100th monkey thing…)

I am rather surprised at those on the street that say, “It’s not for me to say how our system get’s fixed, but it needs to be”.

Since I’m now working 7 days a week, (har-de-har-har), I won’t have time to write the full scoop right now – but for all two of my faithful viewers, here’s some references you can check out yourself and pass along to others of like mind – – I guarantee when you finish with these two quick reads, you’ll not only understand the pros and cons of a money culture, but you’ll also be afire with great ideas on where to go from here!

Book – The History of Money, by Jack Weatherford

Link – New Money for Healthy Communities, by Thomas H. Grecco

or, here’s the page to download the PDF.

And let’s hope the movement can keep to it’s peaceful intent.    Wars are costly and often, even if you win, in the long run, you still lose.

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “About time something was Occupied…”

  1. Stopping a train just ain’t easy
    The methods are bloody and sleazy
    But changing direction
    Requires a correction
    More solid than whiney and breezy.

    Old Jules


    1. I hear ya!
      I still hold out hope we can learn from our past and make the needed changes without the blood and crazy! LOL

      Sigh…I’m an idealist at heart and struggle to reconcile it with the real world!


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