Saving Resources

Nope, I’m not talking about oil, gold or the whales.

But I do hope you will join me in donating whatever you can to support Wikipedia in their quest to remain advertisement free.

An ever-updated, free, online resource  is  my saving grace when I can’t remember where I read something or who, exactly said what, or what year such and such happened – my posts are peppered with links to Wikipedia pages and homework time in my house is so much easier because Wikipedia exists.

Click below to donate whatever amount you can: (I had to tell them my paltry donation was in relation to my recent illness/unemployment, not the regard in which I held their work – you can use the same line, if you’re feeling the crunch of the season!)

Support Wikipedia

This is the end of this Public Service Announcement.   Thank you for listening – we will now continue with our regularly scheduled programming.


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