I’m Thankful For….

Right about now, across America, women, and perhaps some men, are racing around a kitchen full of in-process projects – perhaps with an apron covering ‘dress-up clothes’ or with hot rollers in hair, or in a sweatshirt with their favorite college football team’s logo on it – –

In some time zones, there are those already grinding their teeth over comments from the in-laws and for the umpteenth time, wondering if being in Aunt Agatha’s will is really worth putting up with the old bat for the whole day.

In other homes, a take-out bag of Chinese food lies on the tv tray, or the cardboard pizza is cooking in the oven, while someone wonders how they let all the friends and family slip away and really, what is there to be thankful for?

And in some places, one might be invited over to another’s tent, to share in the mother lode of dented cans of food found that can easily be heated up over a small fire…

And here I sit, grateful that someone else is spending their Thanksgiving away from their family, so my Mom and I can go out to eat…  the first time neither of us have slaved over a hot stove all week for years.

Thank you, working America!   Your paycheck may not put you in the top 1%, but in my eyes, and my recent-illness world – the service you provide is absolute tops!

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