Thank You, Mr. Costner

I’m finishing up night 3 of the Hatfields & McCoys.

Thank you, Mr. Kevin Costner – for investing your time, talent and money to bring this story to screen.

My Daddy was a Kentuckian.  He told me that once, a long time ago, a distant relative of  the Simpson’s family tree married a distant relative of the Lee’ family’s side of the tree  – Sorry I can’t tell if you if they were 2nd cousins, three times removed, or what –  I flunked Southern Family Tree protocol.   All I remember is what he said…

“It was a rather tense wedding celebration.”

General Ulysses S. Grant – General Robert E. Lee – you guessed it – the “S” stood for Simpson…


But back to today – I wanted to send you a letter thanking you for the time and expense put into bringing this series to the viewing public – finding your mailing address or an email is a bear – and I guess I understand why…

So this very public blog post is what you get – I got tired of Googling and getting re-routed to $1/minute psychics!  LOL


Thank you for putting your time, energy and money into showing the world what happens when ideals/ego take over –

The price women pay for men’s egos/ideals…

The fall that happens when your ego writes a bigger check than your heart is willing to pay.

Because I can tell ya, I may not understand why a wedding 5 generations ago in my family caused bitterness in my family for so long –

And I may not know why we repeat the same mistakes our ancestors made…

But I do know this – until everyone understands the life lessons that could be learned from a ‘movie’ or a ‘tv show’ – we’ll keep making the same mistakes over and over…

There are those that want to brush away ‘art’ – say, “It’s just a movie – why are you crying?”

But I and a multitude of others know –

Art imitates life –

And we, as a species, haven’t learned a durn thing –

If you don’t believe me, just ask my father-in-law what he thinks of me, off record…



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