Facebook Blues

As you know, I deactivated my Facebook account over a year ago – but I still follow the news –

Seems this morning’s news feed is happy to report not only was the IPO launch a disappointment, but Facebook user time is down too – then followed several ‘fact-filled’ paragraphs citing why Facebook is doomed to failure.

Maybe the facts are true, and maybe not – but the first thought I had was:

“Duh! It’s summer time – that glorious season when swimming, tanning, camping, gardening, camp-firing, etc., all take place. Love is in the air, either because we’re hard-wired to seek love in the spring and continue to look until we find it, or because summer clothing in much of the U.S. means greater chances of glimpses of human anatomy that make the heart go pitter-pat.”

Either way, I was surprised to see the author didn’t even mention “seasonal activity changes” as a reason why Facebook’s stats have taken a mild dive….

I would write more, but I’ve got on my summer clothes and the garden is ready for some attention from me….

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