The Healer’s Prayer

Re-blogging this from Daily Echo resulted in ugly formatting of a beautiful piece of writing – in sincerest request for forgiveness from those affected – I present you with the “Healer’s Prayer” from the book, Healer’s Journey, by Chris Kaye . – – – Pass It On

Healer’s Prayer

Teach me how to laugh; mother, sister, daughter, friend
That I may keep the joy within
to share with those that have no joy of their own.

Teach me how to weep; that I may understand their pain.

Teach me how to live; mother, sister, daughter, friend
That I may know the light that shines
That I may use it to see truly others’ souls.
Teach me how to die; that I may no-longer fear the darkness.

Teach me how to give; mother, sister, daughter, friend
That I may help those in need
That I may leave all selfish thoughts behind me.
Teach me to receive; that I may survive.

Teach me how to love; mother, sister, daughter, friend
That I may grow in spirit
and, in my turn, teach others to love.
Teach me how to hate; that I may never be tempted to.

The New Money

Road my lead where you do not wish to follow
Road my lead where you do not wish to follow

I’m old enough to remember life before credit/debit cards.   My earliest memory of credit was running a tab at your local business and paying at the end of the month or writing a check against a loan you took out at the bank.

My ‘credit score’ when I started my adult life consisted of community knowledge regarding who my parents were, where I worked and the belief that if my family borrowed, they paid it back.

I also remember the decade or more of consistent bombardment regarding how our money system was evolving towards a completely electronic one.   All the benefits of an electronic banking system were touted, ad nauseam:

“It’s safer and cheaper than writing a check or paying cash” and “Electronic is good for the environment – less paper use” are two of the promises I most remember.

This morning’s news story on new Checkout surcharges for credit card purchases reminded me that the future of electronic banking promised in the 70’s and 80’s is not what we are living today.

As with most other things, there is no free lunch.  Money saved from laborious processes and paper-handling has enriched owners/investors in credit companies, not saved money for the average merchant or consumer.

Those who have weathered life’s storms but took longer than usual to bounce back from their traumas are seen as irresponsible and unworthy of any future benefits.

Identity theft, hacking, phishing and other Modern Day Bandit methods have replaced good ole’ burglary, larceny and fraud by selling snake oil.

Per-sweep charges, transaction charges and merchant account fees mean higher overall prices for everyone, including those who pay cash, who do not reap Point Rewards and are usually the ones with the least amount of disposable income to squander on built-in transaction fees.

I also find it interesting that in a time when the nation is full of “We must get out of debt – personally and nationally”, the news, op eds and blogs are filled with outrage over banks and credit card companies raising their rates and fees.

If we are all striving to be debt free and doing our best not to incur new debt, they have to make money some way other than interest on loans – why do raised fees surprise us?


Our credit score now determines not only if we are worthy of getting a new home or car, but whether we can qualify for required vehicle insurance, health insurance, nab that interview, new job or even if we are good enough to date, let alone marry.

In other words, those who thought the birth of the Social Security System and their assigned number was the “Mark of the Beast” from biblical Revelations were wrong –

666  actually refers to your credit score.  It affects where you live, what you can buy, whether you work or not.   It can block you from reasonably priced products that are required by law (vehicle insurance) and you may only be a law abiding citizen if you can afford it.

Should we choose to abolish cash to adopt a fully electronic banking system, using the system as it exists today – Financial Armageddon is not far behind for anyone.

Word of the Day – Anthropomorphism

an·thro·po·mor·phism  (nthr-p-môrfzm)

noun –  Attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena.

(courtesy The Free Dictionary by Farlex)

This morning I engaged in anthropomorphic  behavior while looking for a picture of a howling wolf – I gave myself a laugh and hope you’ll get one too.

"You Lookin' At Me?"
“You Lookin’ At Me?”
"I dunno, what you want to do?"
“I dunno, what you want to do?”
"If I stand very still, maybe they won't see me"
“If I stand very still, maybe they won’t see me”
"Perhaps we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement..."
“Perhaps we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement…”
"Does this water hole make my butt look big?"
“Does this water hole make my butt look big?”
"Long legs are sexy, my butt"
“Long legs are sexy, my butt”

Howlin’ at the Moon

"Why me? What did I do?"
“Why me? What did I do?”

Took the child unit to school this morning – scolded the dog for barking at the trash truck as we were leaving and again when I returned home, as it was just rounding out the block and was hasted along in leaving our neighborhood by loud, indignant barking.

“Hush – Hush!, I say.   That trash truck will be coming every week ’til hell freezes over – you’re just wasting your time barking at it.  You barking does about as much good as me howling at the moon.   Stop it,” I say.

I pause, stunned by a realization – I do howl at the moon and sometimes it does make a difference – not to the moon or sky – but to me.  (and possibly my neighbors, but not in a good way.)

I howl at the moon in desperation and grief.   I howl at the moon because I feel safe in my outrage, certain no terrible consequences will come from slinging a bit of inside angst out towards it’s radiance – surely, the punch has lost it’s kick by the time it travels 238,857 miles?

I’ve sat quietly pondering the Universe, stars and moon and when the thoughts of my life’s travails have whipped me into a frenzy, I howl at the moon my heartbreak.

Maybe my dog does need to bark.   Maybe it’s not just her protective streak, rather she barks at the garbage man instead of ripping my throat out because I again chose to work through lunch instead of taking her for a walk – –

In that case, bark all you want.

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