Hope of Spring is Eternal

No, it’s not a typo.  Last week while valiantly battling and losing against some unknown bug, I sat huddled in front of my computer, un-creative and wishing the internet and websites had never been invented so I wouldn’t  be WWS (working while sick OR working while snotty – – your choice)

Deciding a break away from coding and designing might perk me up and make me somewhat useful upon my return, I grabbed the doggie leash to take my faithful companion for a walk.   After gasping at the frigid wind blasting out of the northwest, I (and she) settled for some ball tossing in the small fenced enclosure out the back door and returned indoors fairly soon.    All of which made me even more tired, cold and grumpy –  not a good combination for trying to create a cyber work of art…

Miserable but tired of laying on the couch and watching Family Guy on Netflix, I decided to search the web for garden ideas – especially after viewing my new home’s barren lot that contains native grasses, stickers 5 trees and numerous stumps.   I got lost after the first link, but man, was it a doozy and I now visit it every day.

My “To Do – Garden” list has now grown by leaps and bounds, but I can’t wait for warm weather to get started on the work of art also known as my yard.

I just had to share the link with you.

First item on my to-do list?  The making of garden path concrete stepping stones painted with Glow-in the dark spray paint – – Night-time lighted pathways!

Garden Ideas Pin Board

Happy Planning for Spring!


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