Gardening Planner

Four score and seven years ago…

…actually just four years ago, around this time, I spent several hours building a database for managing my garden.   Databases are one of those things I know how to do, have earned my living doing and think I probably should love doing because I so often find myself building one.

The idea of what the database will provide me or whomever I’m building it for is the only thing that keeps me going through the hours of building it.   I consider building databases a necessary evil to accomplish what I want or others want, efficiently…

Databases are one of my passions that I love to hate – – – Love what they do, hate that building them never goes as quick or smoothly as I think it will.

And the gardening one was just an initial build – ground floor model that didn’t come near to what I really wanted.  But ya gotta start somewhere.

On course with my promise to myself, I took a rest period from writing today and then got up to do something just for myself.   Which means Garden Dreaming.   And wouldn’t ya know, Mother Earth News built just the tool I wanted with all the functionality I need and all for 25 bucks a year.  (granted, if they could read my mind and put all my plant varieties into the database, that would be awesome, but I’m fine giving that up.)

Here’s the functions I’m so excited about:

  • Ability to add your own varieties of plants
  • Ability to properly represent companion planting
  • Ability to plan succession plantings of different plants in the same area
  • View the entire garden plan for the year, or just a snapshot of what is where each month (highly useful if you use the Grow Biointensive way)
  • Preservation of perennials from one year’s plan to the next
  • Ability to view plan on pad or phone when you don’t want to lug your desktop out to the garden
  • Shows crop rotation hints for up to 5 years
  • No need to re-invent your garden space layout each year
  • 30 day free trial
  • Emailed “To Do” Reminders to keep me on track when I’m in a “doing something else right now” mode
  • Customizable growing season, frost dates and capability of saving a four-season gardening plan
  • Square Foot Gardening option let’s you easily design companion planted blocks.
  • Viewable list of garden plan tells me exactly how many plants I have, even if I do have them scattered all over a half-acre trying to grow things like mother nature does.

Now, since I’ve been busy with other things these past few years, you may be thinking, “Um, yeah, Tamrah Jo, those kind of apps have been around for awhile now.”   But if you’re as unaware as I was and looking to spend wintry, blustery days with some seed ordering and data entry of those varieties, in order to have a quick, efficient “Do This Now” gardening reminders emailed to you every two weeks, then you might want to check this out.

Mother Earth News Vegetable Garden Planner

Happy Planning!



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