Induction Cooktop

I was going to wait a few months before posting about the induction cooker, to see if it lasts longer than my last kitchen appliance experiment, but since I’m the only person in the free world who can screw up Hamburger Helper, I had to post tonight-

Everything went great until the ‘cover and simmer for 12 minutes’ bit – I lowered the setting from med-high (900) to low (300), slapped on the lid, set the built-in timer (is that awesome, or what?) and went back to writing.

Went out a few minutes later, because the dog had disappeared and was suspiciously quiet for this time of day.   She was dutifully cleaning up my mess off the floor and probably would have cleaned the counter, if she could have reached it.

OverflowoncookerHow to fix messed up Hamburger Helper –

After boiling over a good portion of the liquid, I estimated and replaced the liquid lost – added salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, a pinch of marjoram and then stirred my own sour cream into the whole mess.

Tasty and the cooker cleaned up just fine, the dog hasn’t died (so far) from ingesting Hamburger Helper sauce mix and I’m ashamed to find my cooking skills have so greatly deteriorated.  The fact that I don’t multi-task so well since the stroke has been made abundantly clear to me, but did I also lose all my cooking skills?

And inquiring minds also want to know if I eat Hamburger Helper once a week, how long before I lose my “Shop Local” and “Slow Food” badge?

And the induction cook-top is fine…

Easy clean-up, fired up to ‘dry/oil’ my cast-iron skillet and proud to report my kitchen is no longer the messiest I’ve ever seen.

The quick response of heat control using induction just can’t be beat – the moment the boil over registered in my brain and I hit the low button, the boiling over ceased within 5 seconds.    As long as it lasts, I’m super pleased with this addition to my kitchen.

Here’s the one I purchased from Amazon: Spt 1300-Watt Induction Cooktop, Silver


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