Petition to protect E-cigs

I awoke this a.m. to find a Call to Action regarding FDA attempts to regulate and/or ban e-cigs.    Since I still use an e-cig as my post-smoking era pacifier, I hopped right on over to to sign away.

While the goals and purpose of the FDA are needed and laudable (especially in our complex, centralized distribution society) I am still not wild about their power.   Or the extra funding and power they are given every time a salmonella or e-coli scare happens.    If the money and power they were given last time didn’t curtail the latest outbreak, then why on earth are they getting more?

“It takes one woman nine months to produce offspring – you can’t take nine women and get a baby in a month”

There is a point where throwing more money and regulatory power at a problem just isn’t the answer.  Re-introducing the concept of sustainable and localized food production as the standard for our culture would, in my opinion, take care of all these issues the FDA is out to fix.   If I’m selling to my neighbors the same thing my family eats, you can bet I’m not going to be too wild about rats running around my storage facilities or sewer water leaking out onto my garden area.

But I digress…

There are numerous studies being produced in many European countries testing the overall safety of e-cigs.

(Usually countries who have a national Health Care Program decades old – they tend to have the best overall data for studying/investigating health issues and are the first countries I look too when searching medical information.  For a good starter list of links to research around the globe, visit here. )

The overwhelming conclusion last time I spent the morning reading was “Much less harm to health than smoking causes”.

My cynical heart wanted to add a plea to the end of the petition

“Hey – let’s cut to the chase and do what this is really all about – slap an ginormous tax on e-cigs so we degenerates can pay our fair share and you recoup all the taxes you lost when we quit smoking  like you asked, then bullied us to.”

But that would make it too easy…

For myself, I’m still not quite weaned off nicotine – Two years and a few days since I quit smoking and my latest hand-mixed batch of e-juice  had a higher concentration of flavoring from mint then it did of the nicotine – I like puffing on minty fresh air…and it keeps me from wanting a cigarette when I have a glass of wine…

Still, down to 3mg from 36mg nicotine consumption is a win for me.   And not smelling up my fellow human’s air is win for my friends, family, neighbors and the people who used to give me dirty looks when I huddled outside in sub-zero temps, getting my fix.

If you’re interested in learning more about e-cigarettes, what’s available, the political storms growing around the issue and recent medical research I highly recommend E-Cigarette Forum.   It’s where I keep apprised of changes and contains a wealth of information.

And if e-cigs are eventually taxed at the same rate as tobacco, don’t blame me – they had that idea long before I said it out loud…

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