My Favorites

After greatly neglecting my blog and the WordPress community for the past couple of years, I’ve gratefully returned from the land of the living dead and plunged back into the WordPress world.

These past few days have opened my eyes to how much I’ve missed these past months.   Personally, I don’t know why anyone would pick a Facebook account over a WordPress one –  in my new forays each morning, I am heartened, amazed and inspired – You all are such a smart, creative bunch of folks!

I’ve also taken a tour around my own blog – reading posts I wrote years ago – – and, funny, but I can still crack myself up or inspire myself.   Is that egotistical?  I must admit that in my journey through my archives, I’ve often thought, “This cheered me up.   I Really Like this one.” and also a few, “Boy, I didn’t let that one sit in draft status long enough, did I?” – –

So I decided to list some of my favorites out of all my myriad ramblings – can’t be too arrogant, as most of my favorites spend most of their time laughing at my own character flaws or lauding some unknown/unsung hero from a page in history – –

Creation of Man

Tales of a Betty-Homemaker Wannabe

Scientific Storytelling

Second Wind

Human Sacrifice

Would Baboons Like You?

The Secret Life of Hoarders

Understanding Signs

The 5-Minute Anthropology Course

Isn’t It Legal To…?

The Powers of Time

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