Functional First…

Pretty if Possible.

That’s my motto.   After visiting so many blogs these past few days, I realized my minimalist theme was not the prettiest thing around.   So into Themes section I travel this morning to prettify my place.   (I don’t know if my cyber neighbors have complained about my shabbiness or not…)

I finally settled on a theme, with some pretty little doo-hickeys near sub-titles and readable font.  Uploaded 14 different sized versions of a mountain photo for the background and now, I’m tired of playing with graphics.  So my current look will need to do for the next 3-4 years – I’m yearning to write.

You may wonder why I offer to build websites for small businesses when my graphic artist skills are so near the bottom percentile.    I do, simply because if they’re okay with a simple look and great content at rock-bottom prices, then I’m their gal.   (As far as art is concerned, it is true you get what you pay for…)

(I’ve also gotten fairly good at CSS set-up, so if they decide to hire a true artist to upgrade their website, at least the upgrade will go smoothly and quickly.  CSS is a true Functionality first concept, IMHO)


Perhaps my yang/male side is stronger than it should be.  Case in point, when I first knew I was getting my new house, all the women in my circle were so happy for me and wanting to stop by and see the place, offering me second-hand furniture, dust-catchers (aka knick-knacks), pillows and offers of painting equipment.  I just smiled and murmured, “Thank you, but it’s fine for now.”

But let the hubbies of those gals tag along and I’m running all over, blabbing away – “Don’t you think it’d be better to put a metal roof on and update the wiring before installing the solar array?   I mean, why touch something twice?” And, “See this here?  If I build a rammed earth tire raised bed here, it will help with retaining heat on the south side of the house during winter and I can build that retractable cold frame I showed you the other day.”

I wish my dad were here – he’d help me install floors and walls that allowed clean-up  via a power washer….


Years ago, one of my best friends and colleagues was a web designer/graphic artist.    We once designed, built and slapped up 5 pages of content for a new site in 3 hours.

She did all the pretty stuff, I did all the functional.

It was wonderful to play to my strengths and let someone else mess with what I sucked at.   She thought the same and the only time we argued, it always went something like this:

“Andrea, the glow on the sun ray is fine – it looks beautiful – can we move on now, please?”


“Tamrah, that’s enough content – we’re telling them why this web design company is great – not how to build their own.”

It’s hard to deny your perfection streak when you love doing something so much.

It’s been years since we worked together.   I sure do miss her Prettifying my (dys)Functionality.

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