How-to properly “How-To”

I visit my stats page often –  as an ‘improve my writing’ exercise.   I’m always amazed at what hits and which posts should obviously have been left in the ‘draft’ stage – –

The most popular search term that sends people my way is “GE Silicone caulk” and my most enduring post, “Caulking for Beginners” – which is funny, because I’m the Queen of How-To, rather than Emperor of Do.

Traded comments with Justine this morning, (author of If Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness, I’m Screwed) and found out I’m not the only one who spends more time learning How-To than actually Doing…

So, for all my fellow Love of Knowledge, How-To connoisseurs, here’s the List of Proper How-Tooing:

  • Always read at least 5 different ways of doing anything – you’ll be amazed at how many styles you can cram into one project, once you actually start
  • Purposely seek out those who have successfully done what you want to do, ask lots of questions, write down all your notes and then go buy a book or two, just to make sure they really gave you the full scoop.
  • Keep a list of items you’ll need for all those nifty projects, so you can always take advantage of sales and give-aways of stuff you might need if you ever build a…(solar cooker, tire home, drip-irrigation system…fill in the blank….)
  • Make sure to keep abreast of new technology and processes – do not start a project until you’re absolutely sure the latest-greatest way to achieve it will mean your finished project will last at least 100 years or more.  Why waste time and energy doing something twice?
  • And finally, when you Actually Do, post pictures and information for all your fellow How-toer’s enjoyment.   Even if the project fails.

Especially if the project fails.  Do your part to keep How-To brethren out of the zone of doing a project twice!

Posting information and pictures is Absolutely necessary – it also serves as a record to all those Doers that your How-toing heart is not really a cover for Procrastination – it simply a more meandering, ultimately efficient (and enjoyable) journey towards any project.

Corner of the surround
Successful Project – Caulking.
Took plenty of coffee and how-to reading breaks, moseyed through the project without the litany of “When are you going to be done?” statements from Doer’s –
Failure - Garden after 15 minute hail storm June 17, 2011
Failure – Garden after 15 minute hail storm June 17, 2011
I KNEW I shouldn’t have started without the hail protection hoop-tunnels….I gave in to a resident Doer’s request we just “Get Started – – Now – – “

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