My (non) Facebook Sins

Okay, so if you didn’t know, I boycotted Facebook quite some time ago – for those who think drawing a line and having ideals is so grand – here’s the list of sins I’ve committed by sticking to my boycott:

  • Failed to help a wonderful small business owner get enough “Likes” to qualify for a community small-business grant (yes, she was short by more than one vote, but it’s the principal of the thing)
  • Plagued my hairdresser’s co-workers to find out how her surgery went – I could have just followed the whole saga on Facebook, because her daughter faithfully kept all friends posted
  • Failed to support several other small businesses by “Liking” them on Facebook
  • Shamelessly let others advertise my work on their Facebook account, so I can get the advantages of FB marketing without selling out my stance on boycotting…
  • Use the word “Facebook” as a post tag, which sometimes brings readers to my WordPress Blog, thinking it’s something good…

There – confession is good for the soul.


I was on Facebook when not everyone was doing it – – – jumped off about a year before it really got going and years before it went Public.   I posted, I replied, I increased my WordPress stats by posting article links on my Facebook page.

I re-connected with old friends and got caught up with others.   I knew what was going on and my phone bill drastically reduced.

I admit, there were some good things.

Now, I feel like either a Christian in pre-Constantine Rome or a Pagan in the post-era.

I miss out on coupon codes, big discounts, the chance to sign a pledge, boycott this or that and support small businesses.

Most times, I don’t care – but I must admit the last item is hard for me to swallow.


It’s not that I don’t care – I’ll donate if I can afford to, or write about you in my blog, or hang your flyers on community bulletin boards when I’m out hanging mine.  I’ll follow your blog, quote your blog, link to it and like your posts.

I’ll write content for your website, let you re-post my articles in your magazine and use referral credits you gave me to let new customers try your services.

“By your good deeds shall ye be known”

I’m just praying all the others make up for my No Facebook sins…

4 thoughts on “My (non) Facebook Sins”

  1. I so agree. I almost think I need a new FB persona for promoting things like WordPress, and casual friends and acquaintances . I have a work ID b/c I don’t think they need to know all about what goes on with my family, my other ID, which is kept pretty closed (I have about 12 “friends”)


    1. Don’t give in – I’m thinking we should just get a tad more efficient at effectively marketing each other – – We already support each other, here on WordPress and I think which just a tad extra effort, we WordPress folks can give the FB marketing world a run for it’s money! :>)

      And would someone – PLEASE – show this usually computer savvy person where to find the true smileys to insert in comments? Sheesh – I’ve looked everywhere and for some reason can’t find how to do…..


    1. Yes, every self-publish and eBook how-to manual I’ve read stated I’m daft not to have a Facebook account – nevertheless, I’m going to prove A+ marketing can be done, via Twitter and WordPress – – :>)
      We’ll see if I truly did cut my nose off to spite my face….


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