Wednesday, August 17, 2013

Last post I forgot to tell you my absolute, covers-all-the-bases, best loved coping story of all time:

“Ya know, Yellowstone is gonna blow – 2012 and it’s all over.”

This story got me through:

  • Days when I wanted to give up (Hey, I only have to hang on for another year or two – 2012 and I can be Done!)
  • Times I had to be around people I don’t like (When Yellowstone blows, I’m not going to let you in my underground bunker…)
  • Dealing with people who think sadness is an illness and that any negative emotion should be immediately silenced by pills, meditation or good manners – (Boy, I’ll love to see what Happy-Smarmy thing you manage to  come up with as the ash plume approaches your house…What?  You can’t control mother nature?  Of course you can – isn’t  that what you told the hurricane and tsunami victims?)
  • Coping with my precarious financial position,  post-stroke (I only have to be unemployed and  make payments on my medical bills for one year! Yippee!)

But wait – 2012 is past.   I can’t use this one anymore – oh whatever shall I do?!?

Anyone know what the New Armageddon date is?   Did they say they miscalculated and it’s actually June 12, 2012?   Or are we pushing it back to 2999?  Milliniums are always popular dates for the End to occur. (Do you think Mother Nature uses the same calendar we do?)

Let’s have some fun – -you and I – I predict our worries will be over on Wednesday, August 17, 2013 – something so big and wonderful is going to happen that we will no longer have to struggle, worry or fret – — a new awakening will occur, it’ll will snow gummy bears and rain your favorite beverage, all while the sun is shining…

I picked that date because August is sort of skimpy on holidays – think your boss will give you the day off?  I’m thinking we should have a “Start of a New Adventure” party – –

And those that can’t tell a good story Are Not Invited…


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