Dog is God spelled Backwards

Oakley - The Vicious Guard dog - All children allowed to pass
Oakley – The Vicious Guard dog – All children allowed to pass

So while I’m on the subject of Warriors, I must not forget Oakley, the mid-sized, Australian Shepherd with the protective heart of a grizzly mama bear.

On the one hand, I can rest in total security any time, day or night, because no one would get one step past the road in front of our house without her letting me know Evil is Afoot.

On the other hand, she doesn’t like anyone who hasn’t spent several days and nights in our house.   She’ll be all wags and smiles – willingly allowing you to pet her, but if I turn my back on you to walk to the kitchen and you try to follow me –  well,  she’ll heel you quicker than you can say, “What the Bleep!”

She has ripped one pant leg and put holes in one pair of socks.  She has never bruised or broken skin.    But I still quietly worry that perhaps she has issues left over from her rocky start in life that I, a dog lover, but not a dog trainer, do not have the skills to cope with.

I like that someone has my back – that she nervously paces until I lay down and rest when I need to.   I like that my Mom or my son can make it all the way in the house without her even bothering to get off the couch, but the stranger who’s looking for a different address can’t even pull his car in the drive without her being outdoors to announce his presence.

Am I allowing an issue to go unresolved?   I admit, I don’t have company over very often, because people forget to follow my  “Do not follow me if my back is turned to you – Oakley will do her best to keep you away from me.”

I also secretly wonder if Oakley is just picking up on my insecurities and doing her best for me in my anti-social state – – -I really don’t feel like joining the world right now, or if I do, engaging with only a select few and then, only in sporadic visits – – – socializing takes a lot of energy and right now, I’d rather use that energy to write.


I’ve always said if you want to know about someone, all you need to do is observe their animals and kids.   My collection says I’m somewhat of a hard-arse on a few points and generally laid back on the rest – –

That passion and zealousness is forgiven if Intent is good.

My kids and animals also know that I may sometimes ask of them more than they can do at that moment in time – but I never ask of them what I won’t do myself and I see my job as protecting them from a world that isn’t always fair or kind.

Maybe she is just returning the favor…

4 thoughts on “Dog is God spelled Backwards”

    1. Yes – recently read a book that discussed meditating upon the qualities you admire in others to help build a ‘new you’ – Chanting “Let Me Love As Dog Does” sounds like a good idea! 🙂 Thanks for your visit and comment!


  1. What a truly magical article, indeed an article overflowing with powerful insight and wisdom et al.

    I love this blog, its enegy and its vibrancy simply ooze authenticity, so please keep it flowing, because it truly has an almost esoteric quality and therein for sure has the power to uplift spirits all over our globe, sincere regards, Barry


    1. Wow – Words cannot express how much your visit and comment did for me this morning. Thank you so much for finding me, so I could find you – visited your blog and greatly enjoyed my reads there this morning and so looking forward to finding your posts in my reader.

      I write because I must to have any sense of peace and meaning – that my creations are seen in this way, through your eyes and soul, touches me deeply and joyfully. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read and comment.


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