The Wounded Healer

"My many facets appear only when Light shines through me"
“My many facets appear only when Light shines through me”

Spring is coming and that means soon, the annual Metaphysical Fair in Colorado Springs will once again grace my calendar of events to think about attending.

I go nearly every year.   Make the rounds, buy some lucky crystal or stone and have a few readings done.

Not because I believe any of this is going to change my life – rather, I go because it’s an awesome opportunity to engage in one of my favorite hobbies: People Watching.

It’s also a great way to spend an entertaining afternoon and sometimes, those who perform readings for me touch on areas that I knew existed, but hadn’t really thought about from the perspective they presented  –

Like, the year I was dubbed, “Wounded Healer”

It was not the first time an intuitive had mentioned the Healer path to me – – I figure, we are all healers in one way or another – – we each have the power to lift up or stomp down the fellow beings that come within our sphere of influence – so being told I should be true to my Healer spirit doesn’t incite me to go sign up for Acupuncture school.

Rather, I regard it as a reminder that I should do more lifting and less stomping…


You should know, I’m rather cynical and perhaps, mean-spirited in my approach to having a ‘reading’ done – – I don’t set out to be a jerk, but I do approach these readings with some hard-nosed beliefs.

First, if you want me to believe you can visit my being on the astral plain and tell me about my past lives, fine – I believe.   Therefore, I should not have to do anything but sit quietly while you journey to grab the all important info and bring it back to me for the agreed on price.

This means, when you ask me, “What would you like to know about today?” I reply, “Why don’t we talk about whatever comes up for you?  I’m open.”

Some in my circle say I’m meaner than that guy who writes for “Skeptic” magazine…I don’t intend to be, I freely give my name, date of birth or whatever to the astrologers and numerologists – they need that info for their tools of the trade to work….I also let strangers hold my hand, if the lines mean something to them, hey, I’m all ears…

But if someone can read minds, etc, why do I have to say anything?


Couple of years ago, I’m walking around the perimeter of the hall (readers/intuitives on the perimeters, products for sale in the middle is the standard layout for the fair).

I’ve walked the entire perimeter twice – – trying to decide just which intuitive I’d like to visit – (limited budget, I can’t do them all).

I’ve noticed a young man each time I go by – – a simple card table and two chairs – and parallel to that, six folding chairs for those who want a reading to sit on while waiting their turn.

The guest chair at the table and the following six are all empty.   He is sitting with his chin on his hand – gazing past the busyness of the fair into further realms and doesn’t look too happy or enthused.

(I used to purchase booth space at craft fairs until it became too pricey to do so – – I know just a tad about booth space prices, and for this annual event, I imagine they are in the clouds – – )

So I decide to ask him for a reading – more out of a breaking heart at seeing his empty waiting line than any internal nudgings saying, “Yes – this is where I’ll get some answers”

Besides, I’ll feel good knowing I offset the booth space fee, even if it’s only by just a smidge.  Never pass up an opportunity to feel good, says I.

I approach and he is instantly alert.   Welcomes me, I drop my cash and sit down.

What do I wish to know, he asks.

I tell him whatever comes up for him, that he thinks pertains to me, will do just fine.

He looks shocked for a minute, but then nods assent and proceeds to think deeply and ponder the Universe….

“You must understand you do not have to be healed before you choose to help others.   The Wounded Healer’s path is not an easy one, but it is the path all healers walk.   They have suffered and through their suffering, they learn how to help others.    You think you are being ‘good’ by waiting to share your gifts until such time as you are somehow perfected – when your life is a success and you have overcome your own failings, as you see them.    But that is not true – you are injuring yourself by continuing to hide that which you are born to be.”

“Your current job is okay and it does allow you opportunities to aide others, but you know that the bulk of it is not what you enjoy and it’s time to make a change, before you become ill.”

“Quit waiting for perfection before you deign to help others.   You can help, now.”


One of the more interesting readings I’ve ever received.   Gave me a lot to think about and I did change from being office manager at an acupuncture clinic to pursue writing.

I really, really loved talking to everyone, being the listening ear for those in pain and being on the fringes of  their healing journey – –

I really, really hated filing, insurance companies and Excel spreadsheets….

Then life got in the way, gave me a few more wounds to heal from…and I still haven’t really put myself out there in any healing way – –

I wonder if he will be at the fair this year?   I didn’t go last year and didn’t see him the year before that – –  wonder if he knows that of all the readings I’ve ever had, his stuck with me the most?


I have no grandiose dreams of being a ‘healer’ per se, through alternative health concepts or psychology, or becoming an MD, and yet, the words he said come to me, time and again.

I love learning about new self-care techniques – reading, researching and writing about tools, techniques, what worked and what flopped.   Perhaps there is something to this…

And when I heal enough, maybe I’ll investigate…

Old habits die hard…


2 thoughts on “The Wounded Healer”

    1. I don’t think you can be prosecuted for past life sins – and if you were one of those fellows, and you look at yourself now, then obviously, you’ve taken a step in the right direction, eh?
      I will say some of my readings have been so far off the mark, even after I spent time in deep contemplation , that I chose to believe the ‘reader’ was working through some of their own stuff while thinking they were telling me about mine….que sera, sera, no matter – – a moment in time that hopefully benefited someone, somewhere!
      I do find them extremely interesting – whether on mark or not – – if you find the human psyche interesting at all, and you remember that everyone has their opinions, even readers and nothing is set in stone, just because someone says it is –
      it’s an activity you should engage in at least once – and preferably at a fair – Less likely to run into someone who convinces you they guard you from imminent doom (think Rasputin….) 🙂


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