There’s one thing I never bargain with – or at least not since I was old enough to have a spiritual life – the Universe.

You (and I, occasionally) may call this entity God, Allah, Jehovah, Goddess, Mother Nature or any host of other names…  But I think, deep down, we know we are all trying to find a way to label that connection we feel to all that surrounds, inspires and soothes us.

Bargaining doesn’t work and I readily discard what doesn’t work.

And while the self-help establishment will tell you we are all “Human Beings” not “Human Doings”, I tell you, the Universe responds so much more pleasantly to Doing and Thanking than she does to bargaining, pleading or threatening…

(She?  She?!?  Yes, my prejudices are showing…I just can’t bring myself to call the Universe “It” and I’m recently divorced…so you do the math…)


Remember my previous prayer regarding my landscaping project?

“Dirt – Dirt – How am I going to get the Dirt?  Yes, I know, I should have faith – but I was raised that God helps them who help themselves – okay, mustard seed sized faith – I can do that.   See?  I’m hauling the tires.  Please make sure the dirt shows up.  Thank you.”

Four pick-up loads of tires netted enough to do the raised beds on the east and south sides
Four pick-up loads of tires netted enough to do the raised beds on the east and south sides

Well, not only did I haul these tires from local mechanics, but I also received an awesome delivery of even more tires this morning from the local school – they have their own bus barn, maintenance and Auto Shop program.

These are the young men who are your future mechanics – they learn how to repair vehicles while working on my 10 year-old, salvaged truck and my neighbor’s newer models:


Here’s how this story played out:

The head janitor at the school lives one block over from me – saw my ‘fence’ of tires – and knew about the project, because I bored him for 30 minutes last December with every last detail when is wife and he stopped by to say “Welcome to the Neighborhood”.  He and I went to school together, so I had no reservations about talking his ear off – Hey!  He should know I haven’t changed that much in 20 years, shouldn’t he?

(Just in case you’re confused – talking about projects is Doing – more on that later)

He, in turn, thought of the six or seven year accumulation of tires from bus maintaining and auto shop projects – and duly notified Mr. Auto Shop, who offered not only to give me the tires, but also provide the man power to load/unload them right where I needed them.

I walked out this morning with work gloves on and ready to toss some tires – however, having 6 testosterone filled personages on the place meant I spent more time ducking to avoid interfering with the impromptu discus competition and leaping to avoid injured ankles from tires so strongly rolled they traveled from one man in the assembly line nearly 30 feet to the next pair of waiting hands.

I do so love those who turn work into playtime…

I promised them a solar-oven pizza party next September as a Thank You!


By averaging out the cost-per-tire disposable fees Mr. Auto Shop told me, I saved my local school nearly $500 this morning.

They saved me heart palpitations and an aching back/chest by doing most of the work and probably well over $5,000 if I were to install professionally installed stone fences instead of doing what I am.

But here comes the best part….

Wait for it…

(Are you wondering where the dirt comes in?)

Mr. Auto Shop’s brother works where they have a load of tires they have to pay to get rid of too – which is great, because even with all these tires, I’m still short by about 2/3rds of what I need for the entire project.

Mr. Auto Shop thought his brother might be mighty happy to haul in some dirt and sand in exchange for getting rid of the tires…which I need even more of  now that I found a Make-your-Own Adobe recipe, courtesy of Dohn over at EarthStoneStation.

See?   The Universe absolutely loves when you “Do” and Helping Hand Angels always show up.

Northwest Corner - Those Bus tires were Heavy!
Northwest Corner – Those Bus tires were Heavy!
Old glass door will get converted into rock garden fountain centerpiece
Old glass door will get converted into rock garden fountain centerpiece

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