WonderWasher Part II

I promised to post with a follow-up to my WonderWasher and Spin Dryer review.

Last night, I instructed the child-unit to clean his room and bring me all, I mean all, dirty laundry – This netted me a few more pairs of boxers and socks than would normally be dirtied in a two day period, but gave me a chance to try some ‘tweaking’ to the process of using these new tools.

Here’s the list of items washed today:

  • 6 pair boxers
  • 1 set ladies undergarments
  • 6 pairs socks
  • 3 short-sleeve t-shirts
  • 2 pair shorts
  • 1 pair heavy-duty sweatpants

In order to test smaller soap/water loads, I split the lights from the darks and did two loads.


  • 4 gallons water
  • 1/4 cup of laundry detergent
  • 82 wattage spin dryer ran for 10 minutes
  • 50 minutes of my time – which I’m fine substituting for 30 minutes of light exercise 🙂

New Findings:

As stated before, if you hand-wring the clothes, then circle them into the spin dryer – it doesn’t get as ‘unbalanced’ while spinning:

An adult t-shirt hand-wrung and ready to load into spin dryer.
An adult t-shirt hand-wrung and ready to load into spin dryer.

I also found out that if you layer some light items (like socks or undergarments) on the bottom and then one heavy item (like the men’s khaki shorts) on top, the spinner works pretty well.

I also learned that one pair of shorts defies spinning quietly using the above pictured method – it is the one item so far that works better just being plunked down in the middle.

I did spin the heavy sweat pants by themselves – they still were spun lightly dry in a 2 minute cycle.  I imagine if I spun each load for a full five minutes (which is the maximum amount on the dryer timer) they would dry even more quickly, but I’m happy using less electricity and allowing them to dry during the day.

Total Time:

I did two days plus some stragglers from last week’s laundry in 50 minutes – I still don’t do the process quite as efficiently as possible, but figure with repetition, I’ll get the daily wash from laundry basket to drying rack in 20 minutes or less.

Happy Laundry Day!

50 minutes and I'm free to pursue other ventures!
50 minutes and I’m free to pursue other ventures!



Unfortunately, the Spin Dryer quit working on week four.   Placed a call to Compact Appliance, who referred me to Laundry Alternative (the manufacturer) as the purchase was more that 30 days old.

Laundry Alternative does not bother to answer their phone – their mail box is permanently full and I called Compact Appliance back.

Rene, at Compact Appliance was AWESOME!   She pulled some strings to get the matter handled through her company – sent me a return label and shipped out a replacement unit as soon as I reported FedEx had picked up the old one.

The new unit was DOA – Disappointed that I had somehow wound up with two defective units, I returned the Spin Dryer for a full refund.

Let me repeat, Compact Appliance was awesome, great customer service and I have no qualms about doing business with them again – I will not, however, knowingly purchase anything from Laundry Alternative, ever again, as their Customer Service is non-existent.

I still love my little Wonder Washer and continue to wash clothes with it – I am hand wringing the clothes until I can build my own spinner…


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