Blogging Heart

Once I decide to take a break from editing/formatting my books to visiting WordPress Land, I’m once again sucked into a wonderful land and work is done for the day.

You may (or probably haven’t) noticed my absence – this is due to the fact that if I log-in to WordPress, I emerge 12 or so hours later, inspired and invigorated, but with no “ToDo’s” scratched from my list.

So I have steadfastly denied myself the pleasure of WordPress until I have landscaped and gardened when weather permits – then written until I’m so tired, nothing would induce me to try hitting the “Publish” button (though I still find the energy to click the “Post Comment” and “Like” ones… improvement comes in stages, ya know…)

Why is it I can log onto WordPress and instantly be hit by creative inspiration and think of umpteen blogs to write and when I sit in front of my newly downloaded writer’s software, the words don’t flow, and nothing seems right…

I tell you, it’s because of you, dear reader/writer.

Because you read and like and comment – you visit and tell me that while some of my posts and comments may miss the mark of your beliefs, you forgive me my sins and return on the morrow, to once again share, inspire and debate all that we hold dear –

You share with me the stories my post reminded you of…you tell me why we are alike and how we are different.  You encourage me, gently instruct me and broaden my horizons.

Your pain and glories somehow solidify the random thoughts I so wanted to nail before committing to copy –

Your differing views keep me from commenting too harshly on the those who behave in ways I do not understand – because I love you, I can love them, even while wondering what the hell they were thinking….

And so, at the end of a productive day of editing (not so much) and sharing/reading (quite a bit), I want to thank you again for who you are.

For now, you’ve become the sweet desert  I inhale once I’ve worked my way through my peas and cabbage.

You are the light, fragrant soup that heightens my senses and ignites my taste buds for the meal (of writing) I must engage in tomorrow, if I desire for this project to ever be completed.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart… or stomach… whatever the case may be…


Tamrah Jo – who knocked off work early today to join the WordPress party…


2 thoughts on “Blogging Heart”

    1. 3 of the 4 are basically my version of Common Sense Positive Thinking – and the fourth, which may never see the light of day – is about wizards, witches, unicorns and Good vs. Evil – – I may try to strip dualistic thought from my spiritual life, but gotta admit, there’s no better foundation for fiction than Good vs. Evil – – LOL


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