In my family, the standard answer to any question is one of two:

“Look it up on the Internet”


“Put more water on it”

Simply because, I research everything and my brother is a sod farmer.

(Actually, he grows grass – which was hilarious for me when I was married to a cop – I would introduce myself by saying – “My husband is a trooper and my brother grows grass.” 

I finally started calling him a sod farmer when both he and my husband failed to laugh hysterically at my outta-this world wittiness …)


Because so many of us consider the internet and search engines to be our ‘go to guy’, I’ve come to believe that searches that find you may just end up defining you.

Here’s the top search phrase that brings folks to my blog:

“how to get caulk off your hands”

Swear to the Heavens – This is how I am known in cyber world.    I’ve written to inform, educate and inspire, but at the end of the day, I will be forever known as the “Lady who put pictures up and told us to use gloves while caulking, but if we don’t, it will peel off in a week or two…”

And maybe I’m grasping at straws on the “Lady” part – but I can dream…

If you’re about to embark on a caulking job for the first time, here’s the complete How-To


After realizing a few years back that I have the heart of an activist but not the patience or perseverance to swim against the tide of social beliefs for the 30-80 years it takes to change the national mindset, I decided to quit trying to save the world on any one front.

Instead, I muse around all those subjects dear to my heart – blogging, commenting, emailing – but never with any further depth than, “Yeah!  I’ve thought about this too!  Whaddya suppose would happen if…” because I don’t actually have any real hope that some of these issues will get resolved while I’m still alive.

Yes, I’m sure Susan B. Anthony is shaking her head in shame over me and my mindset…

But there is a warm glow of satisfaction in knowing that I’m helping to save people from the untold catastrophe of getting silicone caulk all over their hands…

My work here, at least, is producing results I can see during my lifetime…



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